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May 14 2005


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Today The Man and I went to a birthday party in the morning for Necie (his niece), and then to my grandma’s house in the afternoon. We ate lunch, hung out, and took her to a furniture store to look for a table (found nothing). When we got home, there was a letter waiting for us. I opened the envelope and found, hand-written on a piece of yellow legal paper the following note:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jas (this was addressed to my maiden name, funnily enough),

Hi, my name is Joe Schmoe.
I am looking to buy a house in your area.
I don’t know if you are interested or not, please call me if you are.
(here he lists his home, cell, and fax numbers, and his e-mail address)


I didn’t really know how to respond to this. . .why would I be interested that some stranger is shopping for real estate in our neighborhood? Then I figured what he really meant is that he wanted to know if we wanted to sell him OUR house.

Our house has no “for sale” sign in the yard.
What a bizarre way to shop for a house. I wonder if he sent letters to everyone on our road, within a ten mile area, or everyone within our city? Does he not know there are people called “real estate agents” that will show you all of the houses currently on the market and take you to look at them?

I felt that such a strange effort deserved an answer, so I e-mailed him to say that our house was not for sale, but that our neighbor’s home was currently on the market, and gave him the name of the company that had the listing. If he has really never heard of real estate agents, I expect this to confuse him very much.

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Apr 17 2005

Catching up.

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Here’s some news that you all missed out on because I was too busy detailing the many books I’ve been reading:

At last week’s fahr I burned the shit out of my right wrist by resting it on one of the rocks that line the fire pit.  It is now regrowing new skin and itches like a mofo, but at least I won’t have to band-aid it for much longer.  I’d put a picture up, but that would negate Purpose Two of wearing a band-aid.  Purpose One is of course to prevent infection.  Purpose Two is to save other people from having to look at the part of me that is blistered and charred.

There are no fahrs for the foreseeable future because practically the whole state of Michigan is under a burning ban.  This is the driest Spring I can remember. . . of course, we may have had drier Springs when I was a wee lass, but I wasn’t really paying attention back then, ya know?  Those of you who still feel like visiting on Friday nights are welcome to come over and play board games, talk, or stare blankly at us.

We are buying the property adjacent to our lot and the piece that runs behind the house down to the creek.  This is actually the biggest news, and the happiest for us, since we’ve wanted that property as a sort of buffer zone.  We certainly do not want anyone putting a house up next door, or strangers wandering around in back with guns, going after the turkeys, deer, and bobcat that roam freely down below.  The total amount of new land is 2.3 acres, but only about 0.3 acres is road front.  The rest is all behind our current property, which I’ve thus far called “the ravine”.

Here’s some pictures to look at, if you feel so inclined.  When you click the links, the images will load in the same window, so just click “Back” to return to the entry.

This is the part of the new property that abuts the road, as seen when you’re standing in front of our garage, facing the road, and looking to the right.  You can see that the property line is clearly defined by lots of weeds, and also you can see the rickety-ass windmill, which [boi] assures me will be coming down.

This is what the road-abutting new property looks like when you’re standing on the road, looking at it.  It’s a mess with burrs and pricker bushes, and a big, unexplained pile of dirt.

This is the small beach at the creek, which is the very back of the new property.  Once the sale is complete, our property will end at the creek.

This is the creek itself, very low due to the whole no rain thing.

Standing at the creek, looking back up towards the house.

This is a little hill that I call the Indian Burial Mound, even though I know it’s no such thing.

Some critter built a den right where the slope starts, in the back right corner of our current lot.  I think it’s a racoon, but there’s no knowing since it never shows its face.

My peony bush is pushing up sprouts.

So is my English Lavendar.

Here is what happens when chipmunks are given free rein in a yard.  Little dipshits burrowed right up through one of my hosta.  The plant seems to be nonchalant, since it is sending up shoots.

The Man and Chris play with a new shipment of dollies.

Fate, looking particulary robust.  She was not too happy when the flash went off.

, showing off her two greatest talents:  laying around on furniture, and licking her nose.

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Mar 18 2004

I want my MTV, and internet, and a new template.

I had a test in Business Law last night, which I studied and studied and STUDIED for.  Seriously.  I was deep into the law.  I was so tired of reading about contracts on Tuesday night that I started talking to myself in weird voices.  Like with my really horrible Hillbilly accent.  “I’m spending’ mah time readin’ law, so’s I kin defend mah Pa aginst the city-folk.”  It’s not as funny when I write it out.  Actually, it probably wasn’t funny at all.  Except to me.  Anyway, I was worried about the test, but I think I did okay.  I probably got one or two True/False things wrong, and I probably missed a couple fill in the blanks, and I’m sure that I won’t get full points for my essay questions, but I’m still hoping to pull a low A out of it.

The theory is that we are going to be getting internet access today.  The doorknobs came out on Monday or something, but the guy rang our doorbell to tell us that the pitch of our roof was too steep and he’d need to come back with a special ladder and another fellow to help him.  I say:  Just put the damn receiver up there already!  I need another receiver to add to my collection!  Seriously, y’all, we have like four antennas and a dish on top of our house.  We look like we’re running a pirate radio station.

The other theory is that we are going to be getting our satellite TV today.  D–’s cousin claimed on Tuesday night that he would come out and install it today, but then we haven’t heard from him since.  If he doesn’t show up I’m going to hunt him down.  Or I’ll just ban him from playing D&D at our house until I have television stations.  That should get his ass on the move.

I’m thinking of redoing the template for this place.  I’m tired of having a big picture of me at the top of the screen.  It’s starting to strike me as a bit narcissistic.  I’ll probably take down the rest of the pictures too, or maybe I’ll revitalize Elvenlore. . . I’ve got a whole domain name sitting there, with a redirect on it to this journal.  Pathetic.  I can at least put some of the less journally things on Elvenlore and take them off of my journal template.  I need to clean this place up.  Ayup.  Speaking of pictures, yes, I’m aware that I haven’t put the house pictures up yet.  Tough shit.  I’ve had other things on my mind.

The boys brought my plants home from the trailer last night, and man did they look sad.  My African violets were all “Just let us die, lady” and my drachania (I know that’s spelled wrong) was all droopy too.  Amazingly my ivys and my hoya were okay.  I guess they are hardier than those pussy violets.  Does anyone know if my poisonous lead water will hurt my plants?  I know that I can’t give it to kids (and I’m not giving it to the cats either), but do any plant-people out there have any idea what affect high lead levels will have on green things?

I went to PetSmart two nights ago to get new ID tags for the cats, with our new phone number on them.  I also wanted to put REWARD on the tag, because people will be much more likely to return my cats if there is money involved.  Anyway, PetSmart has this little machine that auto-engraves your tags for you, kind of like those Create-a-Card machines.  So, I’m waiting for my tags to be done, and a woman and her daughter get in line behind me.  The lady says to me “Isn’t it fun to watch it engraving?  Isn’t it neat?”  I just smiled and nodded, but I’m sure she could see the horror in my eyes because she shut up after that.  I find it painful and sad that there are people who marvel at the engraving machine.

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Mar 08 2004

In the new house.

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We got mostly moved in this weekend — there are still some things left over at the trailer, but The Man and Chris assure me that it is a small pile of stuff.  Probably could fit in one car.  Plus, there is all the stuff in the storage unit as well.  Mostly, that is books, art, computer games, and a few big pieces of furniture like our dining room table and chairs.

The house is still a mess.  Well, specifically, the dining room is still a mess because that’s where we are keeping all of the stuff we haven’t unpacked yet.  The kitchen is mostly put away, the living room is set up, the office is in various stages of put together.  Later this week D–’s cousin is coming out to hook up our satellite and run Cat5 upstairs to the office, then we have to call SpeedNet and get our internet hooked up.

We also got the water softener installed.  Well, really, The Man and Stylin got it installed, but it works and our water is soft now.  It stopped smelling like rotten eggs too, but it did that before the softener was hooked up so we must have used the water enough to clean the pipes out some.

It’s kind of hard for me to fall asleep in the new house.  I have to get used to the different noises of the house and also get used to the fact that we don’t have very many cars driving by on the road outside.

I still haven’t gotten any of my pictures developed, so there will be a bit of a wait on that.  I don’t know if my new town has a photo center in the grocery store or not.  If not, I’ll have to take them into work with me and get them developed at the big ass store in the city.  Hopefully I can get a Photo CD because I really don’t feel like scanning all those pics.

Other than the house stuff, the weather has been very wonky.  Yesterday it snowed, rained, and hailed. . . mostly it was rain.  But the river has risen a lot and the drainage ditch behind our house is really high.  It’s not a danger to us unless it rises about 20 more feet, but it’s still weird to see it so high.  The basement has remained relatively dry, which is good because I really did not feel like dealing with a flooded basement the first week we were living there.

The cats are adjusting okay.  The first day I mostly kept them locked in the office with their food, water, and litter, but after we got everything in I let them out to roam around.  They hid most of the first night and the next day, but last night and this morning they were all over the place.  They still startle pretty easily, but they are getting better.  I think it’s weird for them to live in a two-story house.

Speaking of two stories, this morning I had a little scare.  Destiny was up on the railing of the staircase, looking down to the first story.  I looked up at her and she laid down and started writhing around like she does when she wants to be petted and she wriggled her way right off the railing and fell down to the first story.  She’s okay — landed on her feet and all that — and I checked her over to make sure she wasn’t hurt, but it was a fright.

What’s left to do besides moving the rest of the stuff in?  The bar has to be put in, and the oak trim has to be put up — around the bar, in the arch between the dining and living rooms, and as a baseboard around the dining room.  The track lighting over the bar has to be installed.  We need to buy some light switch and outlet covers.  Overall, not so much.  But it will be nice once everything is done and we can get back to just living.

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Feb 24 2004

Good thing I’m moving.

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No, I’m still on a break.  Don’t get all excited, because you look weird when you drool.  This is just a short little entry because I happened to have an extra moment or two.

Anyway, I got to thinking about the fact that I’ll be moving soon.

I’ve pretty much always lived in small towns.  I think maybe I lived in a town that had 8000 people in it, but that was the biggest.  When you live in a small town, everyone knows who you are and they talk about your business a lot.  Sights like these are not very uncommon:

So, while I will miss my little hometown when we finally do move out, in many ways I won’t miss it at all.  I am leaving behind a whole lot of people who were not very nice to me once upon a time. . . and while they probably barely remember me, my hatred and bitterness will burn in my teeny tiny soul for years to come.  Because the whole “forgiveness” thing that got hammered into my head in parochial school did not take well.

Most of the time, I just don’t like people very much.  I’ll be polite to them, but I don’t like them.  It’s probably a good thing that I’m moving to the country, where I only have to worry about two or three neighbors.

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