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Dec 11 2001

Frustrations about the work place

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It seems my journal entries are destined to be flavored with work gripes and pains. Alas!

Well, I got to work today for my first day of answering phones all by my little self. I’ve done this before — 3 years ago. So I’m a bit nervous about doing this and doing it well. I don’t want to be dragging ass. Unfortunately for me, the powers that be have not granted me access to one very necessary system — our tracking tool. So I have to fill out little web based forms all over the place and then I will have to go behind myself later and fill out the real forms in our tracking tool. Pain in my ass.

The Man got up at four in the morning today to head off to work so he could come home at 9 AM and play games for the rest of the day Lucky dog his work is all over with already.

We went and saw Harry Potter last night. Good movie, but of course not on par with the books. I really don’t see how it could be — it was 2 hours and 40 minutes long already. But it was interesting and had good effects. Made me laugh

Gotta go for now — time to work. I’m a big geek

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Dec 05 2001

Aye, here’s the rub

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OK so as you should all by now be aware, I am back at work, at my old company, working for new management (whew!). So far, so good. But today, I remembered the worst part about going back to work — being low seniority and getting crappy schedules. I am so used to being at home, having weekends to spend with The Man, going to bed at night and waking up in the morning. So, I may be stuck with working weekends and nights to boot. That does not make me happy.

Well, I have to go, for the first time in training I am going to hear something I’ve never heard before and I better listen.

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Dec 01 2001

Christmas lights and Yule logs

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Greetings and salutations, journal watchers. Just a brief check in with you all while I am in training not doing anything.

Last night I went to my grandmother’s house and put up her Christmas tree lights, while The Man traveled to Mount Pleasant in an attempt to keep him and his mother from going to jail for tax evasion. Both had filed for an extension on their taxes, let the extension run out, and just didn’t do anything else. So, to keep the angry men in black suits at bay, they had a “do our taxes” session, albeit about 8 months later than they should have That’s okay, I love ‘em anyways.

The problem is that for the reason of not paying our phone bill, we have no phone right now, so as the hours dragged on and my man didn’t come home, I began to get concerned that he had met with ill chance on the foggy, wet, Michigan roads. And I couldn’t even call his cell phone to find out if he was okay. It was kind of nerve wracking, but he did make it home safely. The phone should be coming back online today.

Work is work, what can I say? I’m still in training, not looking forward to getting on the phones and doing tech support again, but it will really *REALLY* help pay the bills, so who am I to complain about a little thing like doing tech support? I get a high speed Internet connection and I get to sit on my ass all day. I should learn to be happy with what I have.

Anyone gone to see Harry Potter yet? I keep meaning to go with the Man but we never seem to actually go. . . our energy levels lately have been way down in the sloth range somewhere. I did rouse myself to pick up the living room last night; it is now just about the only semi-clean room in the house.

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Nov 30 2001

Heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go

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Hello, I’m back at work, which means that these journal entries will be updated much more frequently, once I get out of training.

What’s it like to be back at work? Boring. I’m working at my old job, the one where I used to be a trainer. Now I’m sitting in the training class that I used to instruct. Can we say redundant? I’m basically reciting along with the current trainer.

I put up the Christmas tree two nights ago, so now we are festive and good. I still have to put up the tiny amount of outdoor lights that I like to use, but since it is now dark when I get home from work I have to wait for the weekend to do that.

Vicki has apparently begun shunning me because she hasn’t called or stopped over lately Hey, Vic what’s up with that? And Maria turned 23 a couple of days ago, so Happy Birthday to her, and I promise I’ll call when I get my long distance turned back on.

I need to scan some new pics for this site as well, which will happen when we get some new RAM in our second computer. The second computer is tore up right now — we had to go all Frankenstein on it to get DAoC to work on the second computer.

Tonight I will be journeying to my Grandma’s house to put lights on her Christmas tree. Why don’t some of you write and tell me your holiday plans?

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Nov 02 2001

Death by candy

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I started putting the date in my little topics because when you people respond to my journals the entries get all mixed up! But I’d rather that you talked. Compromise, ya know.

Well, Halloween has come and gone but unfortunately we have candy left over. . . lots of candy left over. So, for the past week I have been sucking down Sprees and Super Bubble bubble gum like it’s going out of style. Yum yum. My teeth hurt.

I have been doing absolutely NOTHING lately except pet sitting for my sister and trying to keep her pets alive. The dog and cat are easy to care for but the ferret is kind of sick. . . she has seizures if her blood sugar gets low or something. . . anyway she has had a seizure every day so far and I’m getting to be a nervous wreck because I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if she’s just having seizures. So, hopefully she makes it until Friday with me caring for her. . . because otherwise I would feel REALLY bad.

Going to see a movie tonight with The Man but I don’t know which movie we’re going to see. He wants to see “Monsters, Inc.”, which I want to see as well, but I REALLY want to see “K-Pax” because Kevin Spacey is such a good actor and that movie looks sweet. Also want to check out “Riding in Cars With Boys” but I might wait and rent that on video.

I found a new song I like. . . it’s really hard for me to get in to a lot of popular music because it’s SO much rap lately. .. not that I don’t like rap in MODERATION but not all the time. .. ANYways I like Pink’s new song “Get the Party Started” because she sounds really cool when she sings. Also, Enya’s new song is cool too. (Um, I sound like I’m 13).

I think it’s time to go and work off my sugar high. Laters.

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