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Nov 01 2001

Happy All Saints’ Eve

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Happy All Saints to all my ghoulish guys and gals out there in cyberspace! How is everyone doing? How are you celebrating the holiday? The Man and I are just going to stay inside and hand out candy to all the young uns that wander by. . . Trick or Treat only lasts 2 hours here so hopefully we will not be overly mobbed but we probably will be.

DAoC is going very well for all you gamers out there who care about that kind of stuff. Just made level 14 today and feeling GOOD. Soon we’ll be in to the RvR stuff and apparently that’s where the real fun starts.

For all of you who don’t care about gaming, I’m sorry. That’s all I’ve been doing lately. Vicki moved in to a new apartment and I helped her unpack over there a little bit and taught her how to use her dishwasher. I am Vicki’s technological guru. I had to hook up her cable TV and her computer, and instruct her on how to buy a proper cordless phone. She loves me.

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Oct 20 2001

It’s happening again

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Once again I am falling victim to a new online game — Dark Age of Camelot. I can’t help it! It’s too fun! And once again I am being sucked in to being the healing class (which is cool, because I like playing cleric-like characters), becauseThe Man and his friends don’t have a healer. One of these days, they’ll realize that A) They need a cleric B) None of them likes playing clerics so C) They should buy me a free copy of the game and worship me for healing them all the time. Just kidding! But come to think of it, that’s exactly what happened when we played EverQuest. They bought me the game for Christmas.

So, Ms. Vicki came over yesterday unexpectedly and we had a little sit down chit-chat, watched Days of Our Lives and laughed profusely, and then chatted over her upcoming move. “Days” is so silly now, so much more so than it used to be. There were several times during the show when Vicki and I were able to predict the next line out of the character’s mouth.

Well, The Man is messaging me, so I need to pay attention to that now.

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Oct 17 2001

New games and old diseases

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Well, The Man brought home a new computer game last night, so he’ll be all wrapped up in that for awhile. It’s called Dark Age of Camelot. I tried it while he was at work and it seemed pretty fun. As an ex-Everquest junkie, it appealed to me

I tried to get up early (or earlier) this morning. Even asked The Man to reset the alarm after he got up. But alas, I am weak-willed and turned it off after hitting snooze for about a half hour. I’m pathetic.

So, anthrax, huh? That’s the thing in the news. I can only watch a few minutes of it and then I have to turn it off. Pretty scary. Apparently, even Mid-Michigan is not exempt from the anthrax scare: we had a few places shut down already. How are you all doing with this? No anthrax among any of you, I hope. It’s pretty weird, this world we’re living in now. When I was growing up, I thought Anthrax was nothing more than a heavy metal band.

Anyhow. . . it’s pretty windy here today. Wind and rain. Kind of cool weather in a way, but I was planning on working outdoors today. Guess that’s shot.

Umm. . . well I’m not very talkative today. Maybe I’ll get back on later and post again.

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Oct 16 2001

There are some things I suck at

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So. . . I pride myself on being able to cook a fairly edible meal. The Man tells me I’m a good cook, and I believe him. I can eat my own cooking — most of the time. But tonight is The Man’s D&D night, so he’s gone. That means I don’t have to cook for him, so I can try a couple of new things and not worry about killing my fiance. Turns out I nearly killed myself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that soy sauce is a marinade! It’s NOT. Not unless you like really really salty food. I almost choked on my first bite of chicken. And somehow I botched the measurements on my rice pilaf so that was pretty much no good either. I’ve never gotten so full on so little, but I couldn’t eat anymore and I am definitely no longer hungry. I guess I’m not meant to be inventive in the kitchen.

Not too much happened over the weekend. Stayed in and played computer games, mostly. Didn’t shower the whole weekend so today I was awfully ripe. I know, like you really wanted to hear that. Oh well.

Well, like I said, tonight I’m on my own for entertainment, since the Man is out playing games with his buddies. Watched “Coyote Ugly” while I was cooking up disaster in the kitchen, and now I’m doing this. Don’t let me tell you that my life is not exciting! I’m going to scan some pictures tonight and get them on the site soon so all you folks can see what I looked like at various stages in my life. If you care. If you don’t care, then that’s okay, but some of these snaps are awfully amusing to me.

I’ve been neglecting this site for so long I’m not sure if anyone is even still coming to it. Every now and then Nalthar will check in on the boards, and Vic tells me that she checks in as well, but I think I’ve lost 90% of my audience. Maybe I should do a mass unsolicited e-mail campaign Nah. I won’t put anyone through that. I know you have enough spam as it is.

Checking out now to go wrestle with the scanner. Later, tater.

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Oct 13 2001

Headlines for the day

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Local Woman Switches Between Bible and Internet Religious Satire With Ease! Film at 11!

I just realized how weird my choice of reading materials would seem to an observing stranger. I woke up this morning and settled in with a religious fiction book (“Unveiled” — the story of Tamar) and then went on to read the Bible for about an hour. I was looking around for the actual story of Tamar to see how it jibed with this book. After that, I came in to the office to work on my web site and ended up on, perusing some of the funniest religious satire that I have ever found (warning — is not for the easily offended). So, it just kind of struck me as odd, that’s all.

So, how are we all doing today? I’m trying to decide what to eat for lunch. I guess right now it’s between cream of potato soup and a big ol’ bowl of Stove Top Stuffing. Aren’t I just a health freak? Can anyone say “Four food groups!”?

I really don’t have that much to write about. I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately. I know we bombed Afghanistan and that some Taliban people died, but that’s the extent of my world knowledge. Can someone explain to me how we can simultaneously drop food and bombs on the same country? Does that strike anyone else as a little odd? The Man tells me that we’re only bombing military sites. . . but still! I don’t think these people are going to be any happier with us after we kill their children, just because Phillip-Morris gave them a big pack of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese to munch on. I think we as a country are suffering from BIG delusions: “They will not keep hating us if only we give them microwavable entrees.” Wake up! Put yourself in their shoes — I don’t mean the Taliban now, I’m talking your normal, everday civilian person. What are you going to remember? Bombs or food? The food is really just a slap in the face at this point. But then again, if anyone from Afghanistan wants to tell me differently, who am I to argue? If they e-mail me, post to the site, or even if I hear on the news someone from that country saying “We used to be angry that the US was bombing us, until we opened this most excellent package of Dinty Moore Beef Stew,” I will eat my words.

Decide what you want to do here. Either you want to beat Afghanistan in to submission, or you want to show them that the US isn’t really all THAT bad by giving them humanitarian aid. You can’t do both. The message gets lost somewhere.

Bah. Maybe I’m just cynical.

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