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Dec 14 2002

Big ass throat tumor?

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I woke up today and my neck hurts. I don’t mean that my neck hurts like I slept on it wrong, because that is usually a hot pain in the shoulder area. This is a dull pain right next to my windpipe. Of course, whenever I have any kind of pain I probe the area as hard as possible with my fingers, just to see if I can feel any foreign body or invading alien or something that is causing my pain. Well if you press hard enough on your throat, you will feel some major weird things in there. I found a large knob on the left side of my windpipe about halfway down my neck. As far as I can tell, this is what hurts. What is it? I have absolutely no idea. All I can tell you is that it is inside my skin, so it had better belong there.

I’ve been kind of scanning around the members section of diary-x, just to see if I can get hooked on a cool new journal to read, since The Finn went and deleted his *whine*. Now I am down to three: The B, Hooligan, and Wah. I need to round out my list with a fourth. What I have been noticing is that there are A LOT of depressed teenagers who write journals! It really makes me worry. It seems like every other journal I click on is a poor teenager who hates themselves, their parents, their schoolmates, and their life. It makes me feel superior for about 0.2 seconds until I remember that I was exactly the same way. You can’t escape your past. . . even on diary-x it’s waiting to stare you in the face.

I had a dream last night that I was seven months pregnant and didn’t even realize it until I went to the doctor for a physical. In the dream, my doctor was Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG (Goodness, how lame is that?). Anyway, I came home from the doctor just frantic because I was going to have a baby in two months and had NOTHING prepared. I grabbed The Man by the arm and basically screamed at him “We have to go shopping! We don’t have a crib!” What a silly little dream.

We are going to pick up my wedding dress this weekend. I can’t wait to actually get it, because then I will know that it is “safe” and not just being stored by uncaring department store employees who might just step on it or something.

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Dec 13 2002

Strange night

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Last night I was at work until 8 PM because The Man had to stay and do work for the Big Boss, and since IT had been installing Win XP on his machine earlier in the day that put him behind. We ride to work together so I was stuck as long as he was. By the time we left work I had a headache behind my eyes from staring at a computer screen for so long. So, needless to say, when we finally got home at about quarter to nine I was tired and not in the world’s greatest mood. Played DAoC for awhile but I was basically zoning out at the keyboard, which is not a good thing when you are playing the healer, so I went to bed.

Today I am better, rested, no headache, but woke up in a semi-pissy mood which is slowly evaporating. I have a meeting on a system upgrade in a half an hour, which I predict I will not speak in at all.

Still need to figure out my JavaScript problem. I’ll probably end up posting on the d-x help forum to see if anyone can provide an explanation.

1:37 PM EST

Adding on. . . what is it with people who can’t properly design a web site? I have been to three sites today alone that have either completely frozen my browser so that I had to end task on the app, or were using some rare and obscure application to display their files. This is so annoying to me! Not that I have a lot of room to talk, my sites are designed to work in a specific resolution (1024×768) and with a specific browser (IE), but if you use anything else at least it just looks ugly! It doesn’t crash your browser! A little consideration is all I’m asking for.

And if you feel the need to have a web site, for Pete’s sake don’t be a cheapo and use one of those “free” services that slams your visitors with pop up ads. I confess, in the long long ago I myself used Angelfire, but that was when they just put a banner on top of your page, not loaded 3 popups for every page hit. Domains and subdomains are cheap enough now that you can shell out the $10/year to buy one, and hosting is so affordable it is pathetic. Be a champ and spare your visitors monitors from pop ups. They are evil. You are evil if you support any company that uses them.

Another note: If you have a black background, no matter how Dark and Moody you are, do NOT use red text. Is there anything more difficult to read than red text on a black background? No, it doesn’t make it better if you bump your font size up to 14 pt. It just makes you look like a moron.


OK that was a lot of Hate that just spewed forth onto you. To make up for it, here are some things that I feel thankful for today:

  1. Lemon Spice Tea. Yum-Yummy
  2. Warm clothes.
  3. My boy. He probably shouldn’t be all the way down here at #3, since he is actually the number one thing I’m grateful for every day. How lucky am I to have someone that is nice to me and makes me laugh? Pretty damn.
  4. My teammates. Without them, I would have gone crazy long since. I realize how much we support each other when they are both on vacation.

OK, that’s it.

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Dec 12 2002

Frustrations in HTML

For the past couple of days I have been putzing around with HTML trying to get this template to look better and not be such a clunky mess. I learned IFrames, only to realize that they will not work with my d-x substitutions. Finally, I learned (half-assed) div tags and got those to do what I wanted them to do. But now I am fiddling with a very simple piece of JavaScript that opens a new, specifically sized browser window when you click a link. I’m sure you know what I am talking about. The weird thing is, I can get it to work on a site that is not hosted on d-x, but when I try and do it through d-x, it doesn’t work. Instead, most of the coding just displays on the page, as if in example of how inept I am. ARGH! I don’t understand it. I have copied and pasted the exact working code from one page to another. On one it works. On the other it doesn’t so much work.

Played DAoC last night and had a lot of fun with The Man and D– running through a dungeon. Also got killed by hill people and goblins while we were camping outdoors, but those were just humorous deaths because of the circumstance. In one instance, we ran right into the camp and everything aggroed on us. . . in the other we were pulling from the camp and a roving band came down the hill behind us and kicked our asses. Heh.

Talked to my sister about Christmas presents for the family, making sure that we had our bases covered. She and my brother-in-law just got back from Vegas so they are kind of trying to get their shit together and get everything done while unpacking and recuperating from the trip.

I haven’t talked to Vicki lately, and I really want to know what’s going on with her. I need to call her. We’ve missed our date night for like 3 weeks running and that’s not cool. She is probably working more on Mondays or something. Last time I went over there she was sick. Maybe her man came down for a visit or something. Oh bother. Guess I better get off my ass and call her.

I also need to finish Christmas shopping. I have a lot of people left to buy for, but I can’t go shopping until we get paid again on Friday. Maybe I’ll call Vic and see if she wants to go shopping this weekend. I really need to get that done.

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Dec 10 2002

Oh no, Dark Age sucks me back in

On Friday The Man came back to work from his lunch break, guiltily clutching the new expansion to Dark Age of Camelot. He thought I would be mad that he bought it because it is so close to Christmas. I was only mad that we didn’t have two good computers so that we could both play (I am using a crappy little laptop because he gave our second desktop to his brother). A quick consultation regarding available funds and Christmas present status ensued, and we ended up buying a new computer. Joy! Now I have my computer Beastie III back and The Man is using the new machine. I have missed my computer, it is the most stable one I’ve ever owned. It is no longer top-of-the-line, but that doesn’t matter to me as long as it does what we need it to do. We shoved more RAM in it a few months back, so it still runs Dark Age like a champ.

So, the weekend consisted of playing DAoC, with a break on Sunday. My parents came over to beef up the insulation under our house so that our pipes don’t freeze, and to repair a leaky pipe. I got to visit with Mom for a couple hours while the men-folk crawled around under the house and got insulation in their eyes. Then back to DAoC after the ‘rents left — got my character halfway through level 12, not too shabby. Could have gone higher, but I was doing a lot of quests. I am not a power-leveler at all, I don’t think that is a very fun way to play a game.

This weekend The Man also told me that we need to know pretty specifically by the end of January how much our wedding will be costing us. Hmph. I told him to provide me a guest list so I could figure it out. So, he is going to consult with his parents during the holidays and find out who they must have at our wedding. I’m such a good grrl that I did that ages ago :-)

Another JOY thing that happened this weekend was that my Christmas presents arrived in the mail! Mysterious boxes, hurrah! Sadly, our scotch-tape supply has been depleted, so The Man couldn’t wrap this weekend. He is supposed to be doing that today, since he has the day off work.

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Dec 06 2002

Whoops, I screwed up

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A little explantation: Our community has big “mail banks” at the front where our mail boxes are. Each bank has all the normal mail boxes and two huge boxes for packages. If you get a package, the mail person leaves the key for the appropriate package box in your mail box. You unlock, get your package, leave the key there, and take off.

So yesterday I went to get the mail and there is a key in our mailbox. Yay! Christmas presents! Books! DVDs! Something cool! The note on the key tells me we have a package in I-2P. I try to open I-2P. The key doesn’t work. I think for a second, and then try the key in I-1P instead. It works! And there’s a package there! Oh, whoops, this isn’t my package, it’s addressed to someone else. Hmmm. . . try to relock the package box. . . BUGGER I forgot the key won’t come out once you turn it unless you have the special mail person key. Um. . . I guess I’ll just leave the package there. Yeah, good idea.

Guess what? Not a good idea. As the post office pointed out today when The Man called them to tell them about the key mixup, anyone could walk up and take that package now. I am shame-faced and retarded. But you know what? It’s not my fault. Since I didn’t have the right key, the mail lady must have given the right key to someone else. That means someone else probably picked up our package. *sigh* We are getting the right key in the mail today and we will open the box. If there is nothing there, then we have to figure out which Christmas present was sent through normal mail instead of UPS ground or FedEx. It’s probably the one for my brother-in-law, if I had to guess.

Two nights ago, I was outside smoking a cig at about 10:30 PM and reading a book and I heard a small snuffling sound. Racoon? Opossum? SKUNK?!?! Oh, nope, it’s a very small black dog. Hmm. That’s odd. Dogs are not supposed to run loose around here. . . I walk down to trail the dog and see if he has a collar. He is a feisty bugger; he won’t let me get close. He runs up on my neighbor’s porch and I can see he has no collar. I remember The Man telling me that our neighbors had a little dog. Lights are on, guess I’ll knock. A girl my age opens the door and the dog runs into her house. I say “I sure hope that’s your dog, since he ran inside.” She says “Oh, thank you so much! I let him out every night and usually he comes back but this time I forgot about him.” FORGOT? Forgot your DOG was outdoors? HELLO! It was like 20 degrees Farenheit outside, not exactly warm weather. Besides which, the dog was not tagged at all with a dog license or identifiers, something which is the law, last time I checked. And when I first saw him he was walking down the middle of the road. How safe for him and various motorists that might pass by. Ugh. Some people piss me off.

I bought my cats a Cat Dancer. That was the best three dollars I ever spent on them. For the last two nights we have been bonding over a piece of wire and some twisted up cardboard. Fate especially likes it. Destiny will play for a while, then hang back and observe, only to POUNCE again at random moments. I also bought them some foaming shampoo stuff that doesn’t use water and is supposed to help with cat dander, which is good because Fate looks like an ad for kitty Head & Shoulders.

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