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Jun 27 2003

A plea for help

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OK people. It’s time to rally to the cause: the cause of helping Jas and The Man eat more healthy! Currently, our diet consists of pasta or grilled Bad Things like brats and hot dogs. Unacceptable! Too fattening! We must both lose weight. My goal is 135 (which means I need to lose 15 pounds). . . The Man doesn’t seem to have a goal in mind other than “It would be nice to lose some weight.”

So, my Plea is this: send us some recipes. Recipes that don’t require an hour of prep time (we both work full time). Recipes that don’t require strange ingredients that are not accessible to us in Podunk, MI. Recipes that taste good! I know that you all are holding out on me, so pony up and share the knowledge!

Last night as I was driving home, a person passed me and then proceeded to drive only 1 mph faster than I was going. Why do people do that?

And I did finish the new Harry Potter last night. It was very good. Although, as I said to The Man, “This book makes you want to reach into the pages and smack the characters!” There are a lot of people making stupid mistakes in this book, Harry most of all.

Michael came over last night and the three of us grilled and drank BEER (another thing that will have to be cut down on). I, of course, was engrossed in my book for about an hour or so but after that I was free to socialize and drink. I didn’t factor in that I was already tired and beer is a depressant. So I ended up heading inside to go to bed fairly early.

Tonight is D&D night. . . I wonder how I will while away the hours. Maybe I’ll try and grill something using The Man’s new grilling cookbook. Maybe I can find some healthy chicken/veggie type of thing to make.

Send me those recipes!

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Jun 26 2003

French is pretty. Even with vomit.

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According to Babelfish, “Vous m’incitez à vouloir vomir” means “You make me want to vomit” in French. Proving once again, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Oh and by the way, I got another one of those phone calls, but I managed to stay collected on this one and actually be useful. Two phone calls in a day probably doesn’t sound like a lot to most people, but for me that is a freaking influx.

The Man made me smile today. He sent me an e-card for our “Pre-anniversary”. In exactly 365 days from today, we will be getting married. I didn’t even think about that, but he did. That just amazes me and makes me love him a lot.

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Jun 26 2003

You can see on this grapzzzz. . .

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I almost fell asleep in my last meeting. It was even a meeting I was interested in! Maybe I’m narcoleptic or something. I just about dozed off while I was talking.

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Jun 26 2003

They’re testing me.

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Something has happened at work — my name seems to be getting around. Until lately, I have existed as an unknown outside of our office, but in the past week, my phone has rung twice with people who say their bosses pointed them to me as someone who could provide information/help with a problem/free their mind. One guy from corporate headquarters and the guy I just got off the phone with — a salesman in New York. Of course, he caught me so off guard that I didn’t help him at all, and as soon as he got off the phone I found the information he was looking for. *pounds head*

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Jun 26 2003

GD Harry Potter

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Everyone together now. . . “Jasina, you’re an idiot!”

I went out and bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday. And then I started to read it. And I kept reading until about midnight. I got three-quarters of the way through the book. It’s good. Obviously. The bad part is that I didn’t get to bed until late so I slept in this morning and I’m still hella tired. I do this every time I get a new book. I read and read and read and read until I cannot possibly read anymore then I spend the whole next day just waiting to get back to the book. My big plan is to go home tonight and finish the damn Harry Potter book so I can get on with my life.

Because of my Harry Potter induced insomnia I have a huge headache. And I’m tired. And I’d really rather just be at home reading but instead I have to put in the requisite eight hours and pine away for my book.

And by the way, I made dinner last night and I thought it sucked. For the first time my Cheesy Pasta Yum Yum failed me. I think I skimped on the Worcestershire sauce. It was too bland or something. You know who I blame for that, right? GD HARRY POTTER!!! I was too busy reading and thinking about the book to keep my mind on dinner.

I think I will blame everything that is wrong today on Harry Potter. He should be used to it by now.

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