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Jan 08 2008

Here I go again.

I feel like I should have had some big old wrap-up post for the new year, like a survey or a meme or a something to say “I am aware that the year is changing, and I am going to reflect that in my journal with this overdone 40 questions thing”. But, I was up north when the year changed, and I couldn’t get my laptop to recognize Dr. Mom’s network, so the year went out unremarked here at The Jas Says. I don’t mind if you don’t.

Today has been all about getting that annoying Christmas cheer down and packed away again. The tree is down, the lights are down, the Christmas village is packed up, and while there are still some presents strewn about, the mess is much more contained than it was. While returning the house to normal, I’ve also been doing some laundry and trying to decide which of our eleventy billion scarves should remain out for daily use, and which can go into the closet for sometimes wear.

I came home from up north with a whole bunch of plans for things I’m going to do to the house, but NUMBER ONE on the list is to repaint the bathroom again. Because, everything above the chair rail in there is doing a very weird crackle effect. Not all over, just in patches. What the hell is that? I would think that I did something like put latex paint on top of oil paint if it was happening everywhere, but it’s not. So, I am going to put two coats of primer and two coats of paint on top of whatever’s already there, and it had BETTER FREAKING WORK because I am not all about repainting the bathroom every four months. Lucky for me I don’t have to remove the sink and toilet for this repaint job because otherwise I might just decide to tell my bathroom to go to hell.

Other than that upcoming fun, The Man tells me it is soon time to tear apart our office and remodel it. That means all of our computer desks and bookshelves are going to find a new home in our current dining room, which we never use. Which means that the downstairs closet has to be cleaned out and most of that stuff relocated to the basement, which means we need more shelving in the basement. The office will become a room that may eventually house a child, if we ever have a child.

Speaking of THAT mess, we have a doctor appointment on the 17th, when we will apparently discuss a “plan”. I am very interested in knowing what this “plan” is, because so far there hasn’t been much communication on that subject from our doctor’s office. We’ll see what happens.

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