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Feb 16 2008

A swift hospital visit.

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I ended up going to the emergency room last night because of my hives. Instead of getting better, they were getting worse – new patches were cropping up and the itching was not noticeably less. When I noticed a new patch on the underside of my chin/throat and my eyes started to swell up, The Man said we needed to go see a doctor, like pronto. He was worried that my throat would swell so that I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I was worried that my eyes would swell and I wouldn’t be able to see. To the doctor’s we would go, but since it was already 9 PM, that meant the emergency room was the only thing open.

Normally going to the emergency room on a Friday night is a thing to be avoided here, and probably everywhere else too. We were expecting to be there for hours and hours, but we were pleasantly surprised. We checked in at 10 PM and were out of there by 11. In the course of our visit I was examined/quizzed by three different nurses and two doctors. Everyone was baffled as to how I managed to get such a major case of hives without any obvious major exposure to an allergen. One of the nurses told me that one of the doctors said “That poor girl in there is just one big hive.” (and that was sort of true – the hives on my legs had joined together into one big Superhive each -around 10 inches long and 6 inches wide on both legs, and they were working on annexing the ones behind my knees and around my waist. Nice huh?)

Anyway, I got a nice painful shot of antihistamine, a dose of steroids, an oral dose of a different antihistamine, two prescriptions, instructions to keep taking 50mg of Benadryl every 4 hours in addition to the prescription stuff, and a partride in a pear tree. I went home and conked out – the injected antihistamine finished me off for the night, as I had been warned it would.

I’m wide awake now at 6 AM, because all the drugs seem to have worn off and I’m itchy again. Things look better – the hives are by no means gone, but they are significantly less swollen and no longer seem to be annexing new territory. My eyes are still swelled up and slightly painful, but I’m hoping that will diminish over the course of the day. I’m supposed to wear only loose-fitting clothing (including loose-fitting underwear. . . what woman has loose-fitting underwear?) and stay away from things like heat, which shouldn’t be too hard seeing as how it’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

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Feb 15 2008

Itchy. . . ITCHY!

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I’m just writing to document for all posterity how incredibly miserable I am right now. Last night while messing around online I started to feel itchy on my chest, then on my arms, then on my legs, then I went to the bathroom to see what the heck was going on and discovered that I was breaking out everywhere in hives. Allergic reaction, yippee! The likeliest culprit at this point is some perfume I received for Christmas, perfume that has made me mildly itchy before, but never like THIS. I washed it off, but apparently the damage has been done. Over the course of the night, the hives would break out in random spots all over, making sleep extremely difficult. So I didn’t sleep. I stayed up on the couch and cat-napped in 30 minute bursts. This morning I took a shower and that helped the itching for awhile. The Man got me some Benadryl, and that’s helped SOME. They seem to not be spreading anymore – instead they have settled in a nice band around my waist and down both of my legs. It looks horrible and feels even worse.

The only good thing I can think about right now is that I’m supposed to get my computer back sometime today.

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Feb 12 2008


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Hot chocolate with Bailey’s. It warms my fingers up and tastes delicious.

PS – the song currently stuck in my head is “Babe” by Styx. You know it’s you, babe! Giving me the courage and the strength I need!

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Feb 08 2008

Other people’s therapy.

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Does anyone watch the HBO show In Treatment? It sounds really. . . boring. Why would I want to watch other people go through therapy? I’m sure therapy is an emotional and difficult experience for the person going through it, but if you’re on the outside looking in, how interesting could it really be?

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Feb 08 2008

No, I didn’t realize.

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Do you realize which commercial currently bugs the hell out of me? That Land Rover commercial with the Flaming Lips “Do You Realize?” in it. It took me awhile to figure out what it was that bothered me, because that song has kind of become synonymous with “commercial” for me – it’s background noise. But then I listened to the commercial and realized (hah) that what they were basically saying is that no one gets how truly awesome Land Rover is. Like they convinced themselves that the reason that everyone is not driving a Land Rover is because THEY DIDN’T REALIZE that the Queen uses Land Rovers and that the Louvre thinks they’re awesome supercool. This is the reason that Land Rovers aren’t flying out of the lot! The ignorance of the populace! It couldn’t possibly be the prohibitive pricing (starting at $78,450 for the Range Rover) or the shitastic fuel economy (18 hwy/14 city for the 2007 Range Rover, according to Motor Trend – you can’t find this info on Land Rover’s site). I’m sure Land Rover makes a good car for someone who needs a Land Rover to go off road into the wild jungles or up a mountain or what have you, but most of us are driving on paved roads where there is very little chance that you’ll need to power over a rocky incline or through an untamed wilderness. Most of us don’t need a Land Rover. But they don’t realize that, choosing instead to speak to us as if we are morons who can barely comprehend the majesty that is a Land Rover vehicle, so they have to spoon feed us the glory with a catchy tune and irrelevant (but important sounding) facts.

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