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Sep 14 2008

For real?

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Am I insane, or is this a backwards robe?  Can you really sell someone a backwards robe and pretend like it’s a new, revolutionary product?  Well then, I have a backwards flannel shirt to sell you.  Oh, I’m sorry. . . I mean I have the awesome new MINI-SNUGGIE!  By popular demand, the mini-Snuggie, for people who only have a cold torso.

I have to say, the commercial (which you can see at the above link), gets pretty unsettling, because everyone is sporting a crimson Snuggie.  It looks like a commercial full of the Emporer’s Royal Guards, who happen to not be wearing their helmets.  Like it’s Imperial Casual Day.

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Sep 12 2008

Moving on.

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I have to move on from that last entry, because it’s making me sad to have it up there.  In an effort to keep my chin up and not let myself get bogged down in woe, as I too often do, I thought I’d come here and list some things that make me happy, for a change.

  1. My husband.  He really is a trooper.  He constantly amazes me when he deals with me in such an understanding and humorous way.  He makes every day brighter and helps me through problems that I would let weigh me down.  I hope I make his life as good as he makes mine.
  2. My pets.  Sure, I do a lot of bitching about my cats when they annoy me, but they really are the coolest animals.  They are so interested in everything going on in the house.  They are our small, furry overseers.
  3. My sister.  There are six years between us, and when you’re young, six years is a HUGE gap.  We didn’t really have much to say to each other until I was out of high school, but now she is such a good friend to me.  She always has my back.
  4. My health.  This might seem like a stupid thing to add to the list, but my family does not have the best track record when it comes to physical or mental health.  Sure, we’re having problems conceiving, but it could be worse.  I could be an alcoholic cancer patient with heart problems and extreme hypertension.
  5. The fresh loaf of bread on my kitchen counter.  And the chocolate sheet cake that will soon join it.

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Sep 10 2008

Hello, goodbye.

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I don’t really want to talk about this, but it would be kind of weird to just never mention it.  We had to take Fern back to the rescue.  We were told by her foster mom before we adopted her that she was good with cats.  Perhaps she was good with the foster’s cats, but with ours she was not.  She attacked them constantly.  She chased them down.  Even when they were doing nothing more than sleeping on the floor, she would go after them.  It was, to say the least, not pleasant.  Not for the cats, not for us, and definitely not for Fern, since she could obviously not be allowed free in the house.  We had to keep her crated or on leash all the time.  So, after several stress-filled days during which absolutely no one in this house was happy (except maybe Chris, by working 3rd shift he escaped most of it) we made the decision to return her to the rescue and let her get the home she deserves, where she can have the freedom she needs.

So, that’s the story of the dog.  She’s a sweet little dog, and I’m sure the rescue will find her the home she really needs.  It just wasn’t ours.  Hello, goodbye.

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Sep 07 2008


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I sprained my ankle today trying to hop over the dog’s tie-out while she was running after a toy.  I didn’t want to get tangled up in the cord, but I landed wrong and hurt myself.  No long morning walk for doggy tomorrow.

In other news, the cats do not like the dog one bit.  This is probably because she wants to play with them, and her version of playing is to lunge at them, much like she does with other dogs.  Once she lunges close enough, she drops to the ground and wiggles around, but the cats don’t really seem interested in sticking around to see what comes after LUNGE.

They also don’t seem interested in their new shelving system, designed to give them an up-high escape and perch where the dog can’t follow them.  So far, they like to hide upstairs, really only coming out when the dog is out for walks or when she is crated.

The Man is taking a very laissez faire attitude toward keeping the dog under control when she is in the house.  I’m sure this has something to do with the cats’ total lack of interest in being around the dog, since she’s been able to get after them once or twice, because no one’s been holding her leash. *ahem*

The new harness we bought on Friday, specially designed to reduce or stop pulling, is already broken.  The dog literally pulled it to pieces.

The dog’s name is Fern, by the way.  I might eventually get some pictures once she stops moving around so much, or once my ankle heals enough so I can chase her again.

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Sep 05 2008

Look, some pictures!

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It’s a pretty gray day here, and besides that I’ve got a little anxiety knot in my stomach about things like winterizing the house and bringing home a new pet tomorrow.  So, I grabbed my camera and went outside to see what I could see.

First of all, can someone tell me what this stuff is? It grows wild, and it’s about 5-6 ft. tall.  The bees love it, and it smells amazing.  Starting in August, I think every bee in this area descends on this hedge. It hums until all the flowers are gone.

OM NOM NOM. . . oops, ladybug.  A bumblebee, frantically searching out every last blossom to meet her pollen quota.

Fields of gold. Our vacant property is covered in goldenrod.

And this one was taken the day after we came home from up north.  I call it “This sweatshirt smells like goats, man.”  “Totally.”

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