Jan 19 2009

One more day.

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Hey, how about this new theme, eh? Do you like it? I’d love it to pieces if the columns were separated like on the old theme: column – content – column. But I can get used to this. My favorite part is the rotating image thing in the header. I think I’ve got seven different pics on rotate right now.

We’re leaving for Nashville tomorrow. Today I’m doing laundry, packing, and getting the last couple of things cleaned up so I can feel like I didn’t leave a craphole house behind me (or, as Julio and I might say, a “sheethouse”). I should be much more excited about this than I am, but I think I’ve had too short of a time at home. I need a larger break between my madcap dashes of adventure! After we get back from Nashville, we probably won’t go anywhere until April, when we’ll most likely dash up north for our last visit before Tick Season commences. We don’t do Tick Season, not anymore. Once was enough.

We went to church yesterday, and were welcomed back by the few people who we’ve met. The rector asked about our trip and was pretty surprised to hear we were leaving again so soon. It’s just one more thing to make me wish we’d had at least a week more time at home. Church is part of the routine now and I don’t like it when my routine gets all out of whack.

We also went to The Man’s stepdad’s yesterday for the last Christmas party of 2008! This gathering should have taken place on Christmas Eve, but The Man’s stepdad is in the snow removal business, and Christmas Eve was a pretty snowtastic affair in Michigan. It was nice to see him and his girlfriend – they are so much fun. We watched the Barrett-Jackson auction on TV and talked about the cars. They also dropped the news that they are seriously considering moving to Colorado? What IS it with Michiganders moving to Colorado? It seems like every time someone moves away, they head for Colorado – notable exceptions being the Eldest and Middle Miller boys – way to buck the trend, fellas. I think if I were ever to leave the state, I’d have to head to Georgia, just to be different.

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