Jan 21 2009

Small town girl.

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I’ve only been to a few big cities in my life, and only seldom on my own. The last time I was anywhere all by myself, I was on a business trip to San Jose, California. I was staying in a town called Milpitas, and I was so intimidated by the 880 that I refused to drive anywhere but to and from the office.

This trip, I’m not technically by myself, but I might as well be because The Man has to work a regular day. Which means I’m on my own for at least eight hours. And I am finding that to be rather intimidating. Coupled with my regular social anxiety, which is enough to deal with on my home turf, being a stranger in a strange land is nigh overwhelming.

I did force myself out of the room today. I walked a few blocks to a statue and fountain I had noticed last night when we were driving around. I got some excellent shots of the statue, at least. There was just no good angle on the fountain. Every way I tried there was a construction crane or a building cutting into the frame. And I am not good enough to remove that stuff seamlessly.

On the way back, I got a really cool shot of some graffiti, which looks to be an old advertisement. I saw another wall in a similar style near the hotel, so I’ll get that one tomorrow, if it’s nice out again. It might rain.

Anyway, I am having fun. I’ll keep making myself venture out, but I don’t think I’ll be taking the car. From what I saw last night, I’ll probably get so lost my only recourse would be to start a new life in the next town I came to.

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