Jan 27 2009

Better than ice.

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For the past two days, the weather people have been predicting a big ol’ mess of an ice storm for all of Tennessee. Today it hit, except that it’s not ice. It’s just rain. The ice storm is hitting Kentucky, and that is OK with me, because I didn’t want anything possibly interfering with our flight home.

I’m a little ready to leave.

It’s not that I’m not having fun – I am – but I’d like to be back home, working on stuff that needs to be worked on, organizing my photography, planning for the spare room, and petting the cats. Some of that I can do from here, but not all of it. I certainly can’t pet the cats.

Chris tells me that Destiny is not only getting up on the furniture, but that she also managed to climb the stairs and get up onto our bed all by herself. The furniture I can’t help, unless I want to start locking her in the bathroom at night again, but I don’t feel comfortable about her tackling the stairs. Yet. The doom-and-gloom vet kind of scared me about relapses and additional damage from falling and she specifically mentioned stairs as being the evilest things.

But her getting up on furniture is more than I ever expected she’d be able to do again, so it just proves that her recovery/rehab is not over, like I thought. Just another reason I’d like to be at home.

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