Feb 16 2009

New boots!

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So, I went to see Mackers yesterday.  And I took over eleventy billion pieces of clothing from my latest closet thinning.  Lucky for me, between her and her daughter, I only went home with four things.  AND a brand new pair of boots that Audi didn’t want but that I really like.  So, everyone wins!

Sorry if you tried to get to the site while it was begging people to install WordPress.  “PLEASE install WordPress!  I feel so alone!  Why won’t anyone listen to me?!”  Actually, the database that runs my WordPress install had become corrupted, so my site had know way of knowing that it already had WordPress installed.  In essence, my site was brain damaged.  I fixed the database.  It should be okay now.  No more begging.

Today, I have to do some laundry.  And I should probably clean something.  The Man did some dishes yesterday while I was gone, so all I have to do is put them away.  I love The Man.

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