Dec 17 2009

Thank you, sir. May I have another?

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Out of curiosity, I was just pricing flights to NYC, because “Love Never Dies” is coming to Broadway in 2010, and that is worth me going back to the Land of Stench and Overcrowding.  So, I hop on Orbitz and put in the mandatory “Leaving From” and “Arriving To” and the travel dates.  I get a bunch of results that pretty much all look the same – you know $250 RT, one stop, blah blah blah.  But then, I see a flight that costs $1147.  PER PERSON.  And, I think, “That must be just an AMAZING flight.  I mean, no way am I going to shell out a grand for airfare, but I have to know what wonders await on Delta Flight 4240, non-stop to New York City!”

So, I looked.

It turns out, $1147 will buy you one ECONOMY CLASS seat on a Boeing DC-9, leaving good ol’ Detroit, Michigan at the eminently reasonable hour of 9:40 PM.  Yes, dear friends, for slightly more than a thousand dollars, you too can fly coach and arrive at your destination just before midnight.  And, on your return voyage, you can look forward to more leg-cramping economy accomodations.  BUT – with a bonus layover in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to sweeten the deal.

Also, your trip will shuttle you between not one, not two, but THREE different airlines!  Yes, on your flight out you are going non-stop on Delta.  But on your return trip, you’re flying Midwest to Milwaukee, and then Northwest from Milwaukee to Detroit.  Now, I know that Delta and Northwest are technically the same thing now, and I’ve never really heard of Midwest, so for all I know they fall under the Delta banner as well.  But, you’d think for $1147 (I can’t get over that), they could at least keep you with the same BRAND the whole trip.

Anyway, I’m wondering who the people are who are going to go to Orbitz, check out all the nice $200 – $300 flights leaving at a normal time, and then veer right for the flight of the damned over there.  If you are one of these people, please leave your rationale in the comments.

EDIT: When I went back to double-check and make sure I hadn’t misread the price, and it was really $147, I noticed that the outbound information had changed.  IN TEN MINUTES.  Now, you fly out on Northwest instead of Delta, and there’s a new flight number.  I’m thinking something very sinister will happen to you if you take this flight.  They’re already laying a false trail.  Beware.  By the way, the price was correct.  $1147.   Bon voyage.

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