Jan 09 2010

This. Is. Jeopardy!

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A few weeks ago, J-bird and I were at Grandma’s, and we were all watching Jeopardy.  I love Jeopardy, but I imagine I’m an annoying person to watch it with, because I like to blurt out the answers (or questions, rather) as quickly as I can.  That’s because I like to be right, and I’m a dork.

So, we’re watching, and the answer was something like “Located at the edge of the solar system, it contains planet sized asteroids and other objects”.  And I, of course, so very proud of the mountain of worthless trivia I have amassed in my brain, spewed out, “What is the Oort Cloud?”  Even before J-bird gave me the Look of the Raised Eyebrow, I knew I had gotten the wrong answer, but it didn’t seem wrong to me.  It sounded right.   I knew it was wrong, but my brain was saying, “No, no, that’s what we’ve got stored up here.  Oort Cloud”.  Sure enough, someone buzzed in and gave the correct question of “What is the Kuiper Belt?”  And I was all, “The Kuiper Belt, of course!  But what’s the Oort Cloud, then?  Hmmm, the Oort Cloud…”  Then, I remembered.

The Dragonriders of Pern.

The Red Star.


And I said to my sister, who was still giving me that look of Oh really, genius?:  “I think I’ve been reading too many fantasy novels”.

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