Jan 21 2010

New entrance tile.

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This month we finally got around to putting tile in by the front door.  There used to be some weird faux tile there, kind of laminate-like, but when we put the hardwood floors down, that came up as well.  For months, there has been a square of bare sub-flooring at the front entrance.  Not any more!

Here’s a close up of the tile and border after it’s been glued into place.


Right after grouting. The grout is much darker than it should be, because it’s wet.


After drying for 24 hours, the grout is the color it should be.


This is how it looks finished.  Well, the baseboards aren’t up, which is why there’s that nice color stripe at the bottom of the wainscoting. We also bought the shoe bench to contain our many shoes, but unfortunately, boots don’t fit in the rack.  Oh well.

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