Mar 30 2010

Show someone how to use Google chat, and they’ll talk about poop.

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From our conversation today over chat.  If you don’t like the word “shit”, you should probably not read this.

mackers: i watched a man walking three  dogs today, and as he  picked up one dog’s shit  in a plastic bag i thought  to myself, “that man must  be carrying around a lot of  shit.”

mackers: would that be a… load of shit?

me: Only if it’s actually loaded into something. If he hauled a shit wagon around, maybe.

mackers: well, he had a canvas lands’ end kinda bag…. which he put the plastic bag into.

me: And then he takes it home and puts it in his garden

me: Cut out the middle man, bro.

mackers: If he put the crap in cans, we could call him Shit Can Man!

me: Then he actually gets shitcanned, and everyone was like “We should have seen it coming”.

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