May 26 2010

Manners to melt the heart.

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We were over at The Man’s dad’s house, and so were most – if not all – of his siblings and their children. Anyway, I was in the kitchen with a couple of The Man’s sisters. The kitchen has a doorway that leads down several steps to the back rooms of the house – the family room where the kids like to play and the scrapbooking room where they are absolutely not allowed. So, I’m in the kitchen, and Mimi – who is two – is making her way backwards down these several steps. And I’m casually watching her, but not really, because she does this a million times a day. Only this time, she loses her balance. Right before she falls over backward, we lock eyes and I see a look on her face that clearly says “DANGER! ABORT! FAIL!” I try to catch her, but that’s a lost cause, so she kind of fall/stumbles down three carpeted steps and lands on her back, shocked. I go to her, and pick her up and check her over to make sure she isn’t actually hurt. Once I pick her up, she kind of brings herself up to speed and starts crying, mostly from shock. Her mom, Bellanna, comes out from the scrapbooking room and I tell her what happens. She takes Mimi and gives her a hug, and says, joking, “Did you thank Aunt Jas for coming to your rescue?” And Mimi, with her arms wrapped tight around Bellanna’s neck, looks at me and sobs out “Tha-a-a-nk yoooou…”

That was probably both the cutest and most pathetic “thank you” I’ve ever gotten in my life.

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