Aug 03 2010


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Our garage is detached. In order to get power out there, somebody ran a pipe from our basement underground out to the garage to hold the wiring. It’s fine at holding wires, and it’s also kind of a conductor of sound. This only matters on the several nights a year that I happen to do laundry on D&D night. THEN I get to stand paralyzed with fear for several or many seconds, in the basement, at night, trying to figure out where the crazy, tiny voices are coming from.

You’d think one experience like this would be freaky enough for me to remember (and let me tell you, the first time when I finally figured out the tiny voices were coming from the garage – well, I guess I never knew what true relief was until the night I didn’t have to confront the quietly screaming poltergeist that lived in my cistern) – but no. Every time it happens, I get to spend some time all freaked out and panicky. It sure does make laundry time more exciting.

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