Jan 30 2012

I’m SO excited.

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I have to go in for weekly appointments now. Actually, I’ve been doing this for three or four weeks already. I have to get a non-stress test, an ultrasound to measure my fluid levels, and then have a regular OB check up. All in all, this takes about two hours, total. It’s not that any one of these things takes a long time. The NST takes perhaps 30 minutes. The ultrasound about 5 minutes, and the OB check about 10 minutes. But I have to wait, and wait, and WAIT for all of these people to be ready to see me. The OB appointment is always last, and I always have to wait the longest for them. Sometimes, like today, they’ll take me out of the waiting room, put me in the exam room, and make me wait for another 25 minutes in there.

The OB always says the same thing when he/she comes in, no matter which doctor I pull out of the pool: “So, getting close. Are you excited?” And I always want to say something like “I’ve been sitting in this tiny room, in this uncomfortable chair, with NO PANTS for about 25 minutes. I’m nine months pregnant, I have to pee, and my hips are killing me. I’m about as far from excited as you can possibly get.” But I always bite my tongue and just say “Oh yeah, I’m excited.”

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