Feb 01 2012


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Last night, The Man and I went to our breastfeeding class. That was the “last thing” we wanted to get done before the baby arrives. We finished up our baptism classes, and the windows are in his room (drywall is also mostly up and is waiting to be finished). We’ve got all of our necessities purchased, as well as many non-necessities. He even has a dresser! I feel kind of…prepared, materially. Emotionally, I don’t know. I don’t think there’s any getting ready for your first child, emotionally. At least, there isn’t for me. I’ma just ride this train and see where it goes, because there’s no getting off.

So, one funny thing about the class last night. It was taught by one of the lactation consultants at our hospital. This is someone who is obviously passionate about breastfeeding, so yeah, she’s gonna bash formula somewhat. I get it. However, in the first five minutes of class, she said something along the lines of “Do you know where they get the nutrients for formula? ALGAE. And FUNGUS. They breed algae and fungus and then squeeze the nutrients out to add to the formula!” She was horrified. I think she expected the whole class to gasp or something. The Man and I just looked at each other like “Umm…what?” Luckily, she calmed down after that, and the rest of the class was conducted in a much more rational manner. Afterwards, I said to The Man, “What was the algae and fungus thing about? I was sitting there thinking ‘OK, plants and mushrooms, same place we get some of our nutrients. What’s the problem, here?’” He was in total agreement.

She was also against bottles. Even ones that contained breast milk. She grudgingly admitted the need for working mothers to use bottles since they couldn’t run home every two hours to feed. Hey, thanks for being so understanding.

Just remember, formula-feeding moms: ALGAE. And FUNGUS!

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