Dec 11 2001

Frustrations about the work place

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It seems my journal entries are destined to be flavored with work gripes and pains. Alas!

Well, I got to work today for my first day of answering phones all by my little self. I’ve done this before — 3 years ago. So I’m a bit nervous about doing this and doing it well. I don’t want to be dragging ass. Unfortunately for me, the powers that be have not granted me access to one very necessary system — our tracking tool. So I have to fill out little web based forms all over the place and then I will have to go behind myself later and fill out the real forms in our tracking tool. Pain in my ass.

The Man got up at four in the morning today to head off to work so he could come home at 9 AM and play games for the rest of the day Lucky dog his work is all over with already.

We went and saw Harry Potter last night. Good movie, but of course not on par with the books. I really don’t see how it could be — it was 2 hours and 40 minutes long already. But it was interesting and had good effects. Made me laugh

Gotta go for now — time to work. I’m a big geek

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