May 14 2012

First Mother’s Day

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My first Mother’s Day was great. We woke up to get ready for church and The Man gave me an extremely lovely card and my present from “my boys”.

Church was nice, even though The Boy was trying to break his perfect behavior record. He took a lot of “daddy dancing” to keep him happy. I was on altar guild duty afterwards, so I booked through that so we could get on the road to Grandma’s.

We had a cookout at Grandma’s. Mom, Stepdad, J-bird, and Brother-in-law were there, and we went next door for a bit to see my uncle and his family (uncle was out on a pass from his physical rehab center, so everyone was anxious to spend a little time with him). The Boy was good for an hour or so but then things started going wrong for him. He could not get a nap, and he wasn’t really eating well. Fussy, fussy. Plus, very farty. Poor baby was gassy to the max.

And…that’s pretty much how it went. He cried a lot. Sometimes, he cat napped for a half hour or so. We went to The Man’s parents’ house, and he cried a lot there. And farted. Lucky for me, they were putting a new layer of stonecrete on the driveway, so I took him outside to watch the tractor and the kids raking the driveway with the 4-wheeler. That fascinated him. We sat on the porch and watched the work until they were done, and he forgot about being gassy. But then…they finished. And he remembered that he didn’t feel good. At that point, The Man and I decided to pack it in and take him home.

At home, he pooped in his bathtub and screamed through his diaper and PJ change. But then I sat him down on the couch with a blankie and an elephant toy, and he snuggled in with me. The Man came and sat with us and we sang him songs and kissed his head until bedtime.

So yeah. All in all, not a bad day at all.

The end of the day.

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