Jun 15 2012

While I have a minute….

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It seems like I’m on a monthly update schedule. I do think a lot about coming here and writing, but then The Boy needs to eat, or he has a dirty diaper, or he wants to play, or it’s time for a nap, or to run my one errand of the day (more than one stop in the car is No Good for The Boy). So, while The Boy is napping, let me sum up.

I had my gall bladder removed on May 31. It went well, meaning that I only was in the hospital from about 6 AM til 1 PM. Surgery was at about 8:00 AM. I spent an hour hanging out in a room where they prep you and have the anesthesiologists come and talk to you. I think about three of those stopped by. One thing that really amused me was that my surgical gown had a port on it where they hooked up a blower, whose only job was to blow warm air and keep me toasty. Afterwards, my biggest complaint was that my throat killed me for two days. I would guess the breathing tube did not go in very easily. I’m off my pain meds now, and really only notice any issues at night, when I am trying to lay on my right side or put my right arm over my head. Then there is a painful pulling sensation, which is gone by the middle of the night. If I wake up, I often realize I can stretch without pain.

The Boy had his 4 month well check two days ago. He weighs 16 lbs, 12 oz and is 26 inches long. He’s in the 75th percentile for size, which is down from last time when he was in the 85th percentile. Still a big boy, though, and the doctor said he’s doing really well. I was told (again) that I could start him on cereal whenever I wanted to, and was also told (again) that there is no nutritional value to doing this, it’s more to get him used to texture. I still want to wait, and I am still mostly planning on skipping cereal altogether and heading right into something like pureed pears. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not rigidly locked in to a feeding plan. We do need to get him to the public health center for his 4 month shots, though.

His bedtime routine is pretty much down solid. He wants to go to sleep at 9 PM, and does not fall asleep well before that (if at all). He either sleeps through the night until 6 AM, or gets up once at around 3 or 4 AM to eat. We cut down on baths, because his skin was drying out and I could not keep on top of it, even lotioning multiple times a day. So, now he gets a bath every three nights. I have plunked him into a plain old water bath just to calm him down, because he LOVES the bath.

We’re working on getting naps down, now. Him sleeping on me is no longer working. He used to zonk out in my arms for 1-2 hours, but now he will only sleep on me for at most 30 minutes. However, he is resistant to napping in his crib. It takes me quite awhile to get him to sleep, but once he is down he tends to nap for 45 minutes to an hour. He naps in his crib in his own room, but sleeps in our room in the pack-and-play at night. The napping in his room thing is to help him recognize his room and be comfortable there for when we move him at night…plus his room is outfitted with blackout curtains and ours is not. It makes daytime napping so much easier. The biggest hurdle to napping is me recognizing his sleep cues. I’ve pretty much got it down that once he starts rolling to his side and sticking his thumb in his mouth, then it’s time to start the nap routine, but it’s noticing that quickly enough before he gets to his “overtired” point that is sometimes rough. I might miss it if he’s playing on the floor and I’m quickly checking a blog or something.

I still miss my Grandma. Obviously. Whenever The Boy does some new trick, I get so sad that we won’t be going over to her place on Sunday to show it off, because she loved him so much. And now I’m crying, so it’s time to stop talking about that.

We’re trying to make it over to Mom and Stepdad’s at least once a week, so they can see The Boy. We go to The Man’s dad’s on Sundays still, so they see him weekly, too. The Man’s mom is quite a ways away, and Dad is in Florida, otherwise our weeks would be even more full trying to get The Boy some quality grandparent time.

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