Dec 12 2001

Just another day

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Greetings everyone who never comes here anymore!

It’s just another day for me at work. I got my system access now so I am much happier about that. Came in a half hour early today to catch up on all that stupid work I created for myself yesterday but now I am doing pretty good.

Played some DAoC last night for the first time in awhile. Luckily I was able to get a good guild group so I leveled my character to 27. ROCK ON. If anyone is interested in picking up dark age of camelot, play on the Kay server and choose the Hibernia realm. Once you’re on look for me as Ninevrise or do a /who company to find my guildmates. (points at the slackers in Colorado)

Enough gamer chat.

Today at work me and one of my cohorts performed a sting operation on her husband’s computer. We’ll call the husband “Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation”. We run NT here at the office, and when you leave your desk, you’re supposed to “lock” your computer so you have to put a password in to access it again. Well, Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation never does that. Since his wife also works here, and happens to sit next to me, we took advantage of his unlocked workstation as soon as he went for a smoke. Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation is now sporting the very latest Michael Jackson wallpaper. He loves it.

Enough work chat.

My Christmas tree is looking a bit tipsy. The angel is a wee bit too large for the tree, so it’s leaning forward a bit. It doesn’t help that the cats attack it every night and tear down ornaments. I have the Christmas tree equivalent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in my living room. It’s fun and festive for all!

Enough tree chat.

I’m out of things to say.
Talk at you later.

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