Dec 13 2001

I feel ill

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Bet you wanted to know that, huh? Well, like the subject line says, I’m at work and I don’t feel too hot physically. I’ll spare you the details, but I really wish I was at home laying on the couch instead of sitting at my ergonomically correct desk taking phone calls

Well, got an e-mail from the front desk today to “Call Victoria Donovan as soon as possible” — written just like that. Now, some of you may have caught on to the fact that vicki’s real name is NOT in fact Victoria Donovan. . . she just did it to be funny. Made me laugh after I figured out who the heck the receptionist was talking about.

Did you ever have a dream that you couldn’t remember, but the feeling stayed with you all day? I have been experiencing that today. I had a dream that made me feel kind of sad and scared, and though I couldn’t remember the dream, every time I try to remember it I feel sad and scared again. So I guess I should just let it go, eh?

This is only my second week back on the job of taking support calls and already it is getting a wee bit stale. That does not bode well for my patience in waiting for a better job to open up higher up the food chain. I’ll stick it out, though, the money and the insurance is good and really, it’s not like this job is all that difficult. Nothing to complain about other than a strong feeling of deja vu. . . (it seems I’ve done this before)

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