Dec 15 2001

It’s beginning to snow

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You heard me right — the snow has descended on us here in Mid-Michigan, and I for one am okay with that. I know by the end of the winter I will be good and tired of the white stuff, but for right now it’s kind of nice to see snow again.

Well, a nasty surprise today at work. No paycheck. For some reason, I and three other lucky individuals were not included in payroll so we didn’t have our checks today. We are told that they will be Fed Ex’d to our homes and we *should* have them tomorrow, but then again the last time this happened payroll actually sent them through the regular mail so it took a few days. Bah. I need that money for Christmas presents. I am, shall we say, unhappy.

Other than that, it’s Friday so not too much is wrong. I have two days off, we got our cable modem, and tonight The Man and myself are going computer shopping. Last night we went and bought computer guts, but the poor old system we have at home apparently couldn’t handle the new innards. So, alas, we must retire it and find a new one.

Welp, I’m our of things to say, what a surprise. Later.

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