Dec 20 2001

Christmas shopping *groan*

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You heard it right — it’s Christmas shopping time. I hate shopping for Christmas presents because none of my family ever gives me a list. They just say “Oh, I don’t need anything” Grrr. . . yes you do it’s Christmas take this gift and LIKE IT. Anyways I got my check cashed and paid my car payments so I have money to go Christmas shopping.

I have to start my Christmas baking as well (I feel your pain, Vicki) which basically means about 400 cookies that will be gone in 4 days. *sigh* I am so not in the holiday spirit. No snow on the ground, instead there is yucky rain. This Saturday we are trucking out to mom’s for family Christmas, which I am looking forward to. But, I have to work on Christmas and Christmas Eve this year like anyone wants tech support on Christmas anyways!

The only presents that I know for sure I am buying are kitty presents although they will most likely just play with the packaging. They are getting a new litterbox, new beds, and a new scratch post. Everyone else is getting. . . something.

Going to see Lord of the Rings tonight with The Man and his friend. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie but NOT looking forward to how packed the theatre will be. I really don’t like going to movies on opening day, but c’est la vie. . . I will survive.

Well, gonna go now. Toodle-oo, Go with God, and don’t take any wooden nickles.

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