Oct 16 2003

And you wonder what we talk about?

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Here’s a conversation I just had with The Man:

Him: I turned the heat up to eighty-two.

Me: You did not.

Him: Eeiightyyy-twoooo

Me: You did not.

Him: I did. Eeiightyy-twoooo.

Me: Then I’m going to go turn it back down to siiiiixyyyyy-eeiight.

Him: You better not or else I’ll blacken your eye. Eep! Doonnn’t Tiiiickle.

Me: Aw, see how fast the lip comes out!

Him: It’s reserved for special occasions.

We are not fooling anyone, least of all ourselves. We are not people in our mid-twenties getting ready to buy a house. We are a couple of four-year-olds who somehow managed to run away from pre-school and live in a trailer.

Don’t fuck with me or I’ll steal your four-square ball!

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