Sep 11 2013

Melt down.

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We are in the process of pushing The Boy’s morning nap back to noon or 12:30. He’s in that transition phase where he doesn’t want two naps, but if he only takes his morning nap at the usual time, he is too exhausted to make it to bed time. Usually, kids will drop the morning nap and move their afternoon nap up, but we got one of the kids who wants to drop the afternoon nap, which means a 7+ hour stretch in the afternoon with no nap…not good. The solution is to push the morning nap back slowly. We started with the morning nap happening at 8-8:30 AM and we now have it moved back to 11:30…except for days like today.

Today I took The Boy to a park in the morning, because it’s supposed to be hot and raining this afternoon. I wanted him to get some outdoor time in, and it’s easier to keep him awake longer if he’s not cooped up in the house all morning. So, off we go to the park, where the very first thing he wants to do is swing. Now, I’m not against swings, but the point of getting him to the park was so that he’d run around and get some exercise. Sitting in a swing while I push him is not exercise. But, whatever, he wants to swing, let’s swing for a bit and then I’ll get him down and we’ll explore.

So, into the swing. I pushed that kid for twenty minutes in the swing while we watched the park employees cut down a dead tree. Then I thought “That’s enough, I’m tired of pushing this swing, the sun is hot, and he needs to run around.” So I said “Ok, kiddo, that’s twenty minutes of swinging. It’s time to do something else.” I took him out of the swing and put him down. Cue the melt down.

This boy LURVES to swing. At home, his swing is not as awesome, because it doesn’t go as high or swing as smoothly. The park swings are like the Cadillac of swings to the swing lover, and he was not best pleased at being told his time with the Caddy was over. He threw himself a nice little fit. He clung to my legs and wailed, and when I reached down to pick him up, I forgot I was holding a can of Diet Coke and dumped it all over him (and my leg, but whatever).

Well, that was it. We had to go home, but he refused to walk and he was covered in soda, so I carried him to the car and drove him home. Once home, I took him out of his seat and he ran off to go get some rocks. I said, “OK, we have to go into the house and get lunch started and change your clothes.” Suddenly, he couldn’t walk anymore. Clinging to my legs and crying again. I tried to take his hand to lead him to the house but noooo…he can’t walk. Threw himself down full length on the grass and noodled around like a wet dishrag.

Dang, I was so pissed at this point. Somehow, we got into the house. It might have involved me holding him under the armpits and saying “Walk. Walk. Walk.” as I moved him to the house. We got upstairs (he miraculously recovered the power to move once inside and climbed the stairs) and into his room. I got him into some PJs, turned out the light, and we sat in the rocker where he finally calmed down.

It was only 10:30, but what are you going to do? The Boy was obviously done in. I held him in my arms and he finally quieted down and snuggled with me. That’s how I knew he meant business: no more awake time right now. He only snuggles when ill or tired. So, we rocked a little bit, and I whispered “I’m sorry, buddy. I forgot you’re just a little guy.” He sighed a little bit and leaned his head on my shoulder. It must be hard to be 19 months old sometimes, especially when your Mom loses her patience.

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