May 31 2002

Memorial Day

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Well, for Memorial Day weekend me and The Man headed up north to carouse and do up north things, like sit around a bonfire and drink, and ride on the trails. We were guesting with some friends at their cabin, so it’s not like we had to sit in a tent in the rain or anything, for which I am eternally grateful. We took off Sunday afternoon to beat the traffic and missed what looked to be the best or worst event of the weekend, depending on how you look at it. Well, I guess you should be the judge: here’s the page that The Man’s buddy put up to commemorate.

I left the cats in Vicki’s care and since they aren’t dead I will assume that she performed her task. She did leave me a disturbing note indicating that my cats threw a kegger while we were away, but fortunately they cleaned up the house before we got home.

Since the return to work on Tuesday I’ve been just doing normal work things — training and writing modules.

This weekend will be quiet, I hope. Need to do laundry and pick up the house, but other than that I have no major plans. Thankfully the weather seems to have stabalized and we are now getting our normal late spring/early summer warmth. I guess it’s time to go back to Lowe’s and replace the flowers that I killed by planting too early.

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