Jan 16 2007

She makes me degenerate. Seriously.

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ONOZ! I forgot about my journal again. Strangely, my life has been a whirlwind of adventure (for me, anyway), so not writing is kind of lame. Mackers was over this weekend and we had the mad shopping-and-consuming-alcohol tour of duty. She arrived Friday night and we were immediately held hostage by the three bottles of wine in my fridge. We were compelled to drink and drink again. The bitter end came with a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins, which was a dry red zinfandel, and not the lighter white we were expecting. Curses! We were up until 6 AM and ridiculed one of my neighbors for jogging during “the middle of the night”. . . until we realized it was five in the morning and we were drunken reprobates. The next day we went shopping – every store in the mall was having their semi-annual BIGGEST SALE OF THE CENTURY so we scored many good deals. Two pairs of cargo pants for $18.00! Hooray! However, my quest for a specific lamp and lots of shelving for the living room remains unfulfilled.

Sadly, no pictures were taken to celebrate our debauchery and submission to the consumerist ideals of these United States, because we were too stupid to bring our cameras anywhere, and too drunk to operate them at home. Boo!

To supply a small bit of reparations, a late Friday Five:

How high is your guilt threshold?
It is very easy to make me feel guilty about something. I will often feel guilty for doing something as benign as expressing an opposite preference (such as when choosing what to eat for dinner). This probably ties in to my desire to be well-liked and not have people screaming at me and/or calling me a bitch.

How strong is your resistance to sweets?
LOW. Hence, my midsection and butt are bigger than in days of yore.

How long is your fuse?
The average fuse length on the 1978 model is 12-14 inches. When lit, the Exploding Jas provides anywhere from 15-20 seconds of delay, allowing the operator time to get to cover. Recommended cover includes: trenches, cement walls, and tornado shelters. Damage varies, depending on weather conditions and surrounding terrain.

What is the quickest way to get you hot (you know what we mean!)?
Actually, I don’t know what you mean. Because, the parenthetical could be a “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” thing, or it could be more in the tone of “you filthy-minded pervert, we meant temperature/temper”. The Internet has no vocal inflection. So, because you are incapable of asking a concise question, I provide only ridicule in my answer.

How sensitive are you to ambient noise?
If there’s a lot of it, I spend lots of time going “Eh? What? What’d you say?” It doesn’t usually give me a headache or anything, though.

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