Mar 21 2007


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What did you do today, kids? Really? That’s nice. What did I do today? How nice of you to ask. I broke the tub.


It all started innocently enough. Our tub is pretty grotty, mostly because the hardware is about twenty years old, and rusty. The one thing I successfully replaced today is the drain plate (shown shiny and new in the above pic), and I shit you not, that was a SOLID chunk of rust. It bled rust down the tub, and made me scrub ever so much. So, today I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I went to Home Depot and got a replacement kit.

It all looked pretty easy. I replaced the non-functioning drain closer with a blank plate (again, see above), because the replacement drain was one of those push-close things, instead of one that had a separate switch. The problem was that the silver part that goes around the drain hole and connects to the pipe (the flange, maybe? I don’t know) was missing the normal cross-pieces that would allow me to stick a universal drain wrench down there and get it out.

So, The Man somehow got the flange off, through methods nefarious. All we had to do was screw the new assembly into the pipe and stick some plumber’s putty under there. . . voila! Better drain!

Except the new assembly wouldn’t thread onto the pipe. The Man and D– had to go to the basement, unhook the pipe (luckily it was only a bridge pipe connecting the tub to the main drain), and then everyone had a whack at trying to figure out if the threads were stripped, bent, too large, or just gummed up with rust. By the time gaming started, we had made no progress, and the tub remains as you see it above. No showers for us tomorrow until this is fixed.

By the way, all the rust on the bottom of the tub is from what fell out when The Man ripped the old piece out. He cleaned up the big chunks, but the residue remains. Guh-ross.

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