Mar 22 2007

No more borked.

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The tub is fixed. Actually, it was fixed yesterday morning, but I just didn’t feel like updating. I doubt anyone was sitting on their hands, anxiously awaiting an update about that. Anyway, the next project I’ve got on my hands is taking down the wallpaper in the bathroom. I’ve talked before about how much I dislike this wallpaper. It’s navy blue, with pink roses and lace on it. Kind of old ladyish. It used to just be a cosmetic thing, but now it’s peeling away around the tub and we can see there is mildew (or mold, or something else not good) back there. So I’ll be taking that down, and killing the grossness, and then finally painting the whole shebang, which should be a blast, because the ceilings are about 20 gojillion feet high.

Today I spend a shit ton of time ordering some custom framing. My cousin sent me three of his prints about a month ago, and since now is the time that Michael’s is having their 50% off custom framing sale, I took them down to get done. Framing is expensive! But I think they’ll look nice once they’re done, and I’ll take pics so you can all bask in their majesty.

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