Mar 26 2007

*sob* Painting.

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Just dropping a quick line to let you all know that the bathroom repaint is not going well. All the wallpaper is down (finally) and the first coat of primer is mostly up. However, today I was busting ass trying to get the areas behind/below the sink and toilet done so that we can hook all of our plumbing back up and I ran into the following snags:

1) The colors I chose, which I thought were light blue and bluish-white, are in fact white and who knows? I say “who knows?” because I am not even putting that up yet. I have changed the color scheme based on the fact that the other paint is white. The new color scheme will commence tomorrow, when it will hopefully be grey-blue and light blue. I suspect it will end up being more like “Surprise!” and “Not quite what I was expecting”.

2) The primer dries to repaint in two hours. The actual paint dries to repaint in four hours. This is a long ass time to wait for paint to dry, when there is no toilet.

3) The ceiling is high. So high that I cannot make the nice blue tape lines around the top of it to prevent the color (whatever it ends up being) from getting on the ceiling. My plan is to send Chris up there with his acrobatic ways to do some taping.

4) We have no light fixture anymore, so my painting is limited to daylight hours. The small lamp that was brought in to keep us from breaking our fool heads in the dark does not provide adequate light to see if I’ve missed a spot.

Like I said, we still have no light fixture or medicine cabinet, so our bathroom is almost completely unusable. We can shower and shit in there, that’s all. And the shitting part is iffy, depending on whether I’m wielding a paintbrush at that exact moment. I am hoping and praying to having this done by the time The Man comes back from Nashville.

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