Mar 29 2007

Pretty instead of “um. . . pretty.”

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As Mackers reminded me, it all started eight days ago with my sudden compulsion to fix the rusty bathtub hardware. I should know by now that one sudden compulsion is only the forerunner of a larger and more insistent compulsion, but I am dumb. I should have known that once I started with “just a little repair” in the bathroom, I would not be able to rest until the whole room was redecorated.

It really needed it, though. Many people have assured me that the bathroom was not ugly; several even went so far as to say they liked it, it was calming. I can agree, the bathroom was not exactly ugly, it just didn’t go with the rest of the house, or with our personal style. It was too fussy for my taste. The mirror was too small. The lighting was inadequate. It bothered me every time I took a shower, because the wallpaper was peeling away in there due to mildew. So, I set out on my task.

Some of these pictures are not of the best quality; I took them at night under low light and my camera didn’t properly compensate.

Here’s a picture of the mildewed wall that started my desire to remove wallpaper. Yum! The first day consisted just of me taking down the wallpaper in the shower and cleaning/killing the mildew with a special spray.
Most of the wallpaper came out in large sheets. Chris took this action shot of me ripping the stuff from the walls with glee. Dig the groovy pink paint under the wallpaper. I told The Man it was probably lead-based and we would all die. He just nodded. He doesn’t pay much attention to my extreme worries.

Here’s a picture of the old medicine cabinet and light fixture. That fixture used only two 60-watt bulbs. That’s not a lot of light. The outlet covers shown are new; I put them up when I was still in my “I’m not really going to redo this room” denial phase.

We lived without a sink for a few days while I was doing the painting under the chair rail. The toilet tank was removed and put back in several times, because no way we’re going without a toilet for three days. The base coat shown here looks kind of white; it’s really light blue. It shows up better against the contrasting color, as you’ll see later.

I decided to stick with a dark blue for the major color. There is some grey in it, and it is richer than shows up in the pictures. Mostly it’s just navy blue, which is fine with me. I like it.

The results of two-three days work: the areas behind the sink and toilet are done so that we can have indoor plumbing again.

Finally, a shot of the new light fixture, new medicine cabinet, and the new walls. It’s funny that this room came out with kind of a modern feeling. Most people will tell you that the rest of my house is pretty casual/conservative with warmer tones, but I wanted something a little more updated for the bathroom. I like the way it turned out. Eventually we’ll replace the floor and bathtub as well, but for now I’m just glad we have one more room that is wallpaper free.

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