Jan 08 2004

Disappointing mass media.

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Best spam I received today:

From – Your Small Weiner
Subject – Lengthen the Length of Your Nubble

I went over to Grandma’s last night to take her the bird food and treats I got for her at PetSmart and to hang out for a little while.  Stayed there for about two hours and chatted, then came home to hang out with Chris and watch TV.  I spent a little bit of time reading the beginning of Blood Canticle, which is something that I’m reading more out of obligation to myself than any real interest in the story.  There are a few promised plot points that I’m interested in, but I read the jacket months ago and was not impressed with the direction things were going in the series.  Maybe it will surprise me and be really good.  The jacket seems to promise some kind of closure on the whole Taltos thing that happened in the Mayfair Witches series, but if there was a way to make Mona Mayfair less interesting in my mind, Anne Rice would be hard put to top turning her into a vampire.  God.

Watched “Sex and the City” and “South Park” as well.  SATC was okay. . . although the character of Carrie is really starting to get on my nerves.  The woman is supposed to be in her late thirties, I think she could begin to be a bit more reliable.  And less annoying.  And less with the stupid puns:  “I’m not that kind of Google.”  Please, cut the fucking shit.  On the flip side, “South Park” was hilarious, since it was centered around the Queer Eye phenomenon.

My throat has been hurting more and more over the past few days and I’m not sure what is going on there.  I’d think I was getting sick, but I’ve got no other symptoms.  Maybe my tonsils are finally on their way to exploding.  I’d go to the doctor but what’s the point?  Every time I have someone look at my throat I get the same old song and dance about how there’s nothing they can really do for me and I just have to suck it up.

I have a bunch of work to do today but I don’t have very much motivation to do any of it.  But I have a class starting at 8 AM Monday morning, and while I could wing my way through it, I need to help Zuchiboy get up to speed on things as well, since he’s going to cover a couple classes for me while I’m at college.  A lesson plan would probably help him out quite a bit, but I haven’t created one yet.  I should get all this out of the way this morning, because if my throat keeps hurting like this I’m going home this afternoon.  I lost about 40 hours of sick time last year because I didn’t use it at all, so if I’m sick, I’m going to be sick, goddammit.

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