Jan 22 2004

It’s the LAW!

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I had Business Law last night and it was pretty interesting. The teacher (Mr. A) is actually a lawyer, he teaches at my school as an adjunct. Anyway, we talked about how the Federal court system was set up versus the state court system, the appeals process, and we talked a little about jurisdiction. We also got off on several tangents about how long federal and state judges stay in office, how they can be removed from office, and for what kinds of offenses. Mr. A likes people to talk and discuss, and since I can’t keep my mouth shut anyway, I ended up asking a lot of questions. I’ve always been interested in law in the abstract sense, so it will be fun to see if my interest survives the nuts and bolts of learning about it, albeit on a limited scale. The bad part is that since last week was a snow day, I have four chapters to read before next Wednesday, which means two study guide sections and about twenty case studies to go through. Ugh.

I got home from class at about 10:30 PM, and I was beat. The Man told me that Iris wanted us to go look at another house today and that simultaneously worried me and pissed me off. It worried me because why should we be looking at other houses if this one is practically a done deal? Is there something Iris is not telling us? And it pissed me off for pretty much the same reason. Iris has never been enthusiastic about our choice to buy George, and while she tries to hide it, I know she doesn’t like the house and would rather see us buy something else. But she has never been able to come up with a good reason WHY we shouldn’t buy the house either. All the inspections came back fine, so I know it’s not because the house is a piece of shit that just looks nice. Personally, I think she is one of those people that doesn’t believe in buying a house that you have to work on. She strikes me as the type who wants to move into a finished house. And we wouldn’t technically HAVE to do any work on George, but there are several cosmetic things that we will be doing before we move in. . . anyway, it pisses me off that she is taking up our time by showing us other houses when we have committed to buying one already. As [boi] pointed out, we have a contract with the sellers, it’s not like we can just walk away (which we don’t want to do — and speaking of contracts I’ll be learning all about those in my law class). . . and the new house would have to be AMAZING to go through all the hassle of cancelling the contract and signing a new purchase agreement without any guarantees that it will go through without a hitch. I don’t think so. I don’t want another house, I want the one we have decided to buy.

Anyway, I have to work today until 3:30, then go out to school for my computer class, which is so easy that it’s annoying. I’d drop the damn thing, but work is going to foot the bill and why should I drop a class that I can get an easy A in? That can only help the ol’ GPA, right?

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