Jan 27 2004

Sick day/snowy day

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I called in sick to work today because I was . . . well, sick.  Apparently I picked a really good day to call in because it’s been snowing all day.  Probably got five or six inches of snow, but it’s hard to tell for sure because we have piles of snow around the house so it throws off my internal depth gauge.

I got up at 7:30 AM to call Stylin and let him know I wasn’t coming in, but I didn’t know his work phone by heart so I was trying to bring up his phonebook entry on The Man’s cell phone.  I think within 60 seconds I managed to accidentally dial Stylin’s cell phone, Faith’s (our VP’s) home phone, and conference in some guy from Wyomissing, PA.  They probably all heard me going “Crap!  Just. . . hang up!  No, don’t DO that!” and then the phone going dead.  I shouldn’t try to use cell phones when I’m half awake.

Because I was sick I didn’t do too much today.  Pretty much all I did was play more Nintendo and update Quoted For Truth.  As a matter of fact, why don’t you go over there and check it out?  It’s much more entertaining than this sad little entry.

I’m going back to laying on the couch like a fungus.  Or a gas.  An inert one.

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