Jan 28 2004

Back to work, news on George, and the House of Commons.

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Today I’m back at work and wishing I wasn’t.  I’m not sick anymore, but I had a hard time falling asleep last night so I’m kind of tired.  Of course, tonight I have class until 10 PM, so it’s not like I can go home and take a nap or anything.  I also didn’t do any of my reading for class so I’m a big loser.  Hope we don’t have a quiz or anything tonight.  There’s only so much I can fake.

We found out yesterday what is currently holding us up on our Quest to Own George — our own place of business.  Apparently, loan people require some proof of employment document (because three pay stubs aren’t proof enough?), and our loan guy has made the request for this document to our company THREE times, and been ignored all three times.  The Man went to our HR department yesterday to find out what the hell was going on, and was told that our company outsourced that function.  Let me reiterate:  Our company outsourced verifying who works for them.  Isn’t that weird?  So. . . now that we know why the request was being ignored, it’s taken care of and we are (supposedly) moving forward.  We’ll see.  I’m ready to take a few days off work to do work on a house.  Especially a house that belongs to me.

It snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday.  It was kind of nice because I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I could look out the window and watch big flakes come down, and listen to people on the road spinning their tires because they were stuck in snowbanks.  Unfortunately for The Man and Chris, they had to drive from work and to D&D, so they probably didn’t enjoy the snow as much as I did.  There are huge piles of snow lying around because everyone’s been shoveling — I even paid some kids five bucks yesterday to shovel the driveway for me.  I don’t know if I over or underpaid.  I don’t know the going rate for 10 year old labor.  The hell with it.  I probably would have committed murder for five bucks when I was 10.

Has anyone ever listened when the BBC is broadcasting the House of Commons?  I don’t watch the BBC on TV, but I listen to it when NPR is broadcasting it.  Today Tony Blair was addressing the House of Commons, delivering his response to the whole David Kelley suicide fiasco.  What cracks me up is that the . . . uh . . . Commoners?  I don’t know what they’re called . . .will just start rumbling when Mr. Blair says something they either like or don’t like.  Because it’s radio, you can’t tell if they’re going “ARGH!  We hate you!” or “Right on, man, keep talking!”, you just hear “rumble. . .rumble”.  It sounds a lot like “rabble, rabble, rabble”. . . in a very British way.  It’s funny to me because I don’t think Congress is very vocal when someone is talking to them.  They’ll clap sometimes, but I’ve never heard of a group of reps just voicing their opinion out loud like that.  Maybe rumbling is the House of Common’s way of applauding.  They seem a lot more laid back over there, judging solely on the radio broadcasts, which, lacking visual cues, are probably a bit misleading.

Remember the time sheet whining?  Bet you thought you’d heard the last of that, didn’t you?  Well, it’s the end of January, when we thought we’d get to stop doing this.  Guess what?  It’s going to continue through February.  There are certain times when annoyances outweigh everything else.  I hate these time sheets.  Track my time, indeed.  Am I doing my job?  Is anyone complaining?  No?  Then LAY OFF ME.  God.

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