Oct 15 2002


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Well. For not having much energy this is the second entry of the day. I must be on some kind of roll. I was just purusing the archives of The Finn, someone I don’t know at all but whose journal I read, because I’m like that. He was talking about friendship and now I shall do the same. I am nothing if not original.

Vicki (my best friend, for those of you Not Keeping Up) has a new Man In Her Life. I am very, very glad for her, because she needed a new man. And this one, from all appearances, seems to be a real man. Not a control-freak, whiny, no responsibility boy, but someone who has got his head screwed on straight (other than the NC-17 rated puns and random comments). The problem is that he lives nine hours away. This is hard on both of them, so they are talking about living arrangements and who will move where and so on. Both of them are concerned about the other one — she’s afraid he won’t be happy down here, and he’s afraid she won’t be happy where he lives (which is BFE in case you care to know).

In the middle of all this negotiation is me. Like I already said, Vicki is my best friend. But, she is also the only friend I have in the area where I live. Ms. Mac lives 2 hours away. Lotsa folks have fled to Colorado (coincidentally, the land of The Finn and his wife). Two are gone to Arizona. I haven’t really kept up with people from high school, because let’s face it, I didn’t really like a lot of people in high school. I am not grudging dear Vic her happiness. If she decides to move, I will not whine and cry and gnash my teeth. I will send her on her way smiling, and resign myself to seeing her once every three or four or six or twelve months. But that will leave me with no social life. I will absolutely be without a social life outside of my fiance. That is hard to take. I don’t make friends easily, and at this point I have pretty much forgotten how to make a new friend. All of my friendships came through necessity — transfers to new schools, geographical moves, work. Well, I’m not in school, I’m not moving, and I already know everyone at work, I see them 8 hours a day and I don’t want to see them any more than that!

Um. . . whoops I just posted this and it’s not done. Continuing. . .

So. I am trying to steel myself for the Worst Case Scenario — Vicki moves way up north and I stay where I am. This will be hard for me. Vic has been a constant in my life from the time I was about 12 (certain months-long fights to the side). That is a helluva long time. And if she goes, I’ll miss her, probably more than she realizes.

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