Oct 24 2002

Cell phone woe

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So, yesterday I decide that I want to get a cell phone again before winter hits us hard. Just in case I am stuck in a snowbank or get into an accident or something, you know? So, I go to Best Buy (devil store! devil store!) and pick up a very nifty Sprint phone. Actually, the salesperson was quite insistant in telling me that it is currently the most popular model, whoopee. Have to charge the battery fully before I can activate it. Let it charge all last night and went to do the online activation thing this morning. Got all the way through the online activation form, hit the final “Submit” button, and voila! an error message stating “Online activation is currently down. Try again later.” So, I try to activate my phone in the other two ways, except that since I apparently got so far in the online activation, they show me as already having an account. GRRR. Call customer service and David Doorknob who answered the phone says the number I received from online activation is registered to someone else. . . he finally found my “account” with my Social Security Number. He tells me that I have to wait 12 hours for the information to cycle through the system so that they can tell how far the setup actually got, or else I might end up with a lot of extra crap on my phone that I don’t want. So, I still do not have a working cell phone, which bothers me, because when I buy a new toy I want to use it NOW.

Got a funny e-mail from my dad today. It was just full of Stevie Nicks lyrics (Dad and I both love us some Stevie) — at the bottom of the e-mail he said he had been painting woodwork all night and listening to Ms. Nicks.

I am tired, tired, tired today. I foolishly started doing laundry last night at 9:30 PM so I couldn’t go to sleep until the dryer quit (I live in fear of dryer fire). Gotta finish the laundry tonight and get the Man to wash the dishes. We have got some interesting specimens growing in the kitchen. Gotta pick up some paper towels so I can clean the mirrors and dust. Or, I should just pick up some cloth cleaning rags. Much better and I won’t run out of them. Look at the big brain on me!

Last night the Man and I watched a movie after work, some little piece of fluff called “Someone Like You” with Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman, and Greg Kinnear. Cute movie. Right after that, at like 8:30 PM the Man went to bed and slept until 7:30 AM. . . he’s kind of sick and has a sore throat. I’ll be getting that as soon as he gets over it, but I will actually call into work and use some sick days :-) I have no problem calling in sick when I am sick. I have like 70 hours of sick time saved up or something goofy like that.

We need to start winterizing the house. Here is my list of things for us to do:

1) Get the storm windows in. Ideally, get new windows (yeah right)
2) Fix the trap under the sink so it stops leaking.
3) Figure out what we are going to do so the pipes won’t freeze. Stepdad wants to build an enclosure or something, I’ll let the men fight that one out. (Note to self: Call stepdad and remind him that it’s almost November and we need to get cracking)
4) Organize under the kitchen sink.
5) Set mouse traps. We have a mouse under the kitchen sink and the cats can’t get to it.
6) Get curtains in the bedroom instead of venetian blinds
7) Organize the shed. My hose needs to go indoors for the winter.
8) Clean out the bird feeders and refill
9) Pull up the garden
10) Set up the trellis for the trumpet vine.
11) Mulch around the french lilac and trumpet vine
12) Get some storage bins to pack away my summer clothes.

Which makes it look like a bothering kind of day, to quote Winnie-the-Pooh.

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