Oct 30 2002

Disappointment in extremis

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ARGH! Well, no supervisor position for me, because I’m not even eligible. We have a rule in this company that you have to be in your current position for a year before you are eligible for any promotions. And I’ve only been in this position for eleven months. I can’t be mad at the policy, but I can be mad at myself for forgetting about it and getting all hyped up and excited. There is a small part of me going “It’s only a month. 27 days, really. WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE AN EXCEPTION??”, but I know the answer to that. Because one exception leads to a lot of exceptions. So, I can’t apply for anything for another month. Which just makes me angry. We’re coming off of a hiring freeze, and these are the first positions to be backfilled in a long, long time. It just makes me grit my teeth that I can’t even apply for them.

This weekend I did not get a lot of my To-Do list done, but we did get a lot accomplished. Let’s see, we:
1) Cleaned the house. Most of it.
2) Rearranged the bedroom and killed all the dust bunnies that had been hiding under the bed.
3) Got the storm windows in
4) Got a medicine chest for the bathroom so we don’t have crap all over the counter.
5) The Man fixed my muffler bracket so my muffler doesn’t fall off.
6) He also put up some more handles on the cabinets in the kitchen.
7) Did a LOT of laundry.

Which is quite a bit of work for a weekend. Or anytime at all, for that matter.

Started the cats on Eukanuba dry cat food, and the reception has been lukewarm. So, I backtracked and started mixing it with their old food. Going to see how well that went today. They emphatically DESPISE the Nutro Max Gourmet canned food I tried to feed them. I think it’s because it’s the kind with chunks and gravy, and they really only eat the standard “mush” kind. My bad. I didn’t know it was chunky when I bought it.

The temperature is dropping. It’s supposed to snow this weekend. I am just shivering already. Going to go home tonight and start a fire in the ol’ fireplace.

It’s “Goth Day” here at work. Don’t ask me why we have this “Spirit Week” stuff at work — I got enough of that in high school. But, if it’s easy to go along with the theme of the day I’ll do it just so I don’t have to dress up. So, today I dug out some black clothes and some silver ankh jewelry. I know that doesn’t make me a Goth, but oh well. No one in our little town knows the difference anyways. I used to dress like this all the time. Dunno what happened to me, maybe I got more chipper or something.

Started looking for a photographer today. Decided that me and the Man should probably have some engagement pictures taken so we can distribute them to our families and random other friendly folks. It’s going to be expensive, mainly because we need SO MANY large pictures. We need 6 8x10s (one for us, one for each parent/parental group) and 13 5x7s (for siblings, grandparents, and godparents). That’s a lot. There is one studio that I REALLY want to go through, but I know that they are a tad on the pricey side. We might just end up going the department store route for our engagement snaps and saving the nice studio for the wedding.

Vicki is not returning my calls again. She does this from time to time. I think she might be dead. Are you dead, Vic? Let me know.

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