Oct 14 2004

Running on. . .running on empty.

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This weekend was Round Two of the Big! Shopping! Expedition! with mom and grandma.  This time, we actually managed to find a dress for grandma to wear, so she is a lot happier with the world.  We shopped for hours and hours and hours, though, and by the time we got back to grandma’s house (at nine PM) I was so ready to just sit down and rest that I wanted to cry.  But I still had to drive home.  Soooo unhappy.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with random housework.  When I got home from shopping on Saturday night I found that The Man had cleaned up the kitchen and dining room and vacuumed the floors in those rooms, too.  So, the living room looked like shit in comparison.  Sunday I dusted, vacuumed the floor, washed the windows, and picked everything up.  It looks nice.  But then I had to tackle the bathroom.  I’m sorry to report that I haven’t gotten any better at cleaning the shower in a timely fashion.  Add to that issue the fact that our water is full of iron, and you can just imagine the grubbiness of the shower.  But I attacked it with three (3) different kinds of cleaner: CLR, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Soft Scrub.  The only one that worked on the rust was CLR, and I conveniently ran out.  But the tub IS a lot cleaner for all of that.  At the least, I got a lot of the rust and the soap scum off of it.  Go me!


I’m sitting on a conference call right now, and the other participants are talking about things that I really can’t help out with.  So, to keep myself amused until I hear something that I need to absorb, I’m taking phrases from their conversation and using Google Images to find pictures.  The one phrase you hear A LOT in corporate situations when planning anything is “worst case scenario”.  Plugging this into Google returns this image:

If that’s really the worst thing that could possibly happen to someone, I don’t think any of us needs to worry too much.  Worst case, we all play guitar.  I’ve always wanted to play guitar anyway, so maybe I should intentionally sabotage this project.


I went with Vicki yesterday to look at flowers for the wedding, but it turned out that the lady was really busy and couldn’t really pay attention to us, so we flipped through a few books and made an appointment to come back next week.  Apparently I’m not going to be able to get white poinsettias for the girls to carry because they won’t be in to the suppliers yet, and that kind of freaks me out because I was counting on buying several large potted poinsettias to use as decorations.  Now I have to think of something else.

We did find one bouquet for the bridesmaids that has roses and calla lilies in it – just a couple of each so it looks really dainty and nice.  I saw a bouquet that I wouldn’t mind using for myself that has roses and ivy in it.  The guys will probably wear miniature callas and The Man will wear a red rose.  I would just like to get this thing over with, but I guess I have to wait another week.


Speaking of flowers reminds me that I need to find something to use for decorations for the hotel.  It seems potted poinsettias are going to be out, so maybe I’ll go to a craft store and see if they have some autumnal silk arrangements on sale or something.  I was thinking of getting some fake pine garland, because then I can reuse it as decorations on my own house once the wedding is over.  I guess it depends on how much it will cost and if it will be available in stores anytime soon.

One thing I don’t really have to worry about are centerpieces for the tables; the hotel is providing mirrors and hurricane lamps, and I’m not into spending a whole lot of money on fresh flowers for the tables.


I’m in (yet another) period where I am just not interested in anything that is happening at work.  I’m forcing myself to get things taken care of, but I just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach all the time and it feels strangely like distaste.  I need a change.

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