Oct 22 2004

On the road again.

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Tomorrow I am going to Greenville to see Mackers and will be spending the night at my parents house.  This will be the first night I have spent away from The Man (other than the obligatory business trips, which don’t really count) since we moved in together.  And while I’m not really all sentimental about it, it does seem kind of strange to me that I am voluntarily spending the night away from my fiance, in a house that is no longer my home.  That I’ll be partying with Mackers and then going back to my parents house to crash.  It’ll be kind of like taking the Time Warp back to the summer after I graduated from high school, before I moved back ‘home’ to crash at Vicki’s for awhile.

However!  A party is a fine excuse to wear the Drunk Girl Shirt, which has been moldering in the bottom of my laundry hamper for months, yea verily.  The Drunk Girl Shirt is not one that you can wear out just anywhere, unless you want to give off the “I’m such an alcoholic I can’t even go to the mall sober” impression.  Basically, wearage of the Drunk Girl Shirt is limited to bars and parties, and I try to dress down a bit at bars when I’m around strangers because I don’t want to advertise the fact that my defenses are somewhat. . . lowered.

I’m also interested to see how much shorter the drive will be from our new house than it was from Ye Olde Trailer.  Probably only about a half-hour, but every little bit counts, and I have lots of CDs to rock out to, meaning that perfect strangers will be looking at the silly girl in the red Cavalier and shaking their heads at the stupidity that is me.  Because I like to sing in the car, and play air drums on the steering wheel, AND make the “rock and roll” face, even if I’m singing along to something that is in NO WAY “rock and roll”, such as Olivia Newton John.

What makes you think I won’t CUT YOU?
a.k.a. I needed to do a test shot and didn’t bother to smile

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