May 07 2005

Visiting Mackers.

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I did end up going down to see Mackers last weekend.  It was very fun, although both of us were kind of dazed out during daylight hours.  I was tired just from driving for two hours; she was probably tired because she had two children to look after and had been working in the garden all day.

Things that made us giggle:

  • Me walking up to her as she was hoeing the garden and singing the “Day is never finished, master got me working” song from South Park (well, it was on South Park, I’m sure it’s really from somewhere else).
  • Her later declaring that “Hoeing is hard work.”  Chewy and I both stared at her for a minute and then just exploded with laughter.
  • “I’ll give you a hint: it’s landlocked.”  While playing Trivial Pursuit, a fierce battle erupted over whether or not Pennsylvania was a landlocked state.  Mackers and I were on one side, Chewy was on the other.  After dragging out the atlas and calling us dumbasses, we had to admit that he was right.  After that, about three more questions to which Pennsylvania was the answer came up.  No matter how many times someone gave the person the above hint, they never caught on.  Amazingly, we were all sober.
  • “You fucking cocksucker.”  “Deadwood” was on in the background as we played Trivial Pursuit.  This phrase got used a lot as a result.

I wish I could visit with her more often.  She always puts me in a better mood.

I stayed with my mom and stepdad while I was there, and didn’t really spend a lot of time with them.  I need to plan a day to actually do that.  The Man and I are going to see Les Mis in May, so if he’s willing maybe we’ll spend the night there and visit.  I think they’d like that.

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