May 14 2005


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Today The Man and I went to a birthday party in the morning for Necie (his niece), and then to my grandma’s house in the afternoon. We ate lunch, hung out, and took her to a furniture store to look for a table (found nothing). When we got home, there was a letter waiting for us. I opened the envelope and found, hand-written on a piece of yellow legal paper the following note:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jas (this was addressed to my maiden name, funnily enough),

Hi, my name is Joe Schmoe.
I am looking to buy a house in your area.
I don’t know if you are interested or not, please call me if you are.
(here he lists his home, cell, and fax numbers, and his e-mail address)


I didn’t really know how to respond to this. . .why would I be interested that some stranger is shopping for real estate in our neighborhood? Then I figured what he really meant is that he wanted to know if we wanted to sell him OUR house.

Our house has no “for sale” sign in the yard.
What a bizarre way to shop for a house. I wonder if he sent letters to everyone on our road, within a ten mile area, or everyone within our city? Does he not know there are people called “real estate agents” that will show you all of the houses currently on the market and take you to look at them?

I felt that such a strange effort deserved an answer, so I e-mailed him to say that our house was not for sale, but that our neighbor’s home was currently on the market, and gave him the name of the company that had the listing. If he has really never heard of real estate agents, I expect this to confuse him very much.

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