Jun 25 2007

My hands are cracked and peeling. Ouch.

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 I had to restore this post because I borked something in WordPress.  Any comments that were here are gone now.  Sorry.

I can’t put off painting the porch railings anymore. They could have used it last year, but you know, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to starting stuff like that, and with one thing and another, it never got done. This year I can’t afford to be so lackadaisical. The paint is peeling off in large pieces and there is mildew growing in all the little crevices of our gingerbreading.

So, today I took my butt to Lowe’s and picked up my supplies. I knew I wasn’t going to get any actual PAINTING done today, because I had to do all of the oh-so-fun pre-painting work. The biggest part of the job was washing everything down with bleach water and scrubbing off all the dirt and mildew that had built up. That’s why the skin on my hands hurt – I’ve had them in bleach all day.

I got all of the pre-work done today – wash, scrape, sand, rinse TA DA! Tomorrow I hope to get the painting done. Cross your fingers that I don’t run into any unforeseen problems that will drag this out longer. I just want to get this done before this dry spell breaks and we’re deluged for days on end.

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