Sep 06 2007

Every time.

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Well, it seems like every time we go up to Dr. Mom and Moll’s anymore, something goes wrong with the car. This time, my windshield went KER-RACK when a small stone slammed into it on the way to dinner one night. At first, it just looked like a stone chip, but the next day the stone chip had turned into several lovely cracks that are getting larger. So, new windshield time! Party! We also had a scare with a coppah when one pulled out behind us, and The Man suddenly remembered that he hadn’t renewed the license plate tags, and I suddenly remembered that our new proofs of insurance were sitting on the dining room table at home. Oops. Luckily, John Law was just moving to a new spot to catch speed demons, so we didn’t have to pay huge fines. We did stop in Iron Mountain to update the plates and I got a new “Protect Wildlife Habitat” design, like does the party ever stop? Why am I talking about this??

We were only up north for a few days, but it was a very nice little break. We did help them put about a gojillion bales of hay in the hayloft, and I don’t particularly care if I don’t have to ever stack hay again, because ouch. And the creek was all dried up because they haven’t gotten rain for months and months, so that was kind of weird. But it was just about the perfect up north time, meaning we had plenty of time to sit around and read, or write, or just hang out and talk. I read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, and now I’m hoping the movie doesn’t suck. And we watched Premonition, which is a movie that DID suck, or at least had a sucky ending.

Anyway, I don’t have much to write about. I mostly wanted to check in and leave a little mark to say “I’m still here”. I have no up north pictures, because my camera didn’t even come out of its case. Shocking! But, I will leave you a pic from our last trip to Dr. Mom and Moll’s so you don’t feel all deprived.

The Man puzzles out the stove.

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