Nov 21 2007

Baking frenzy.

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Tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving here in the US of A, and I am doing some baking. I’m supposed to take an apple pie and green bean casserole to my Grandma’s for dinner. The pie is in the oven, and I’m a little worried about it. I’ve never made an apple pie before. I mixed Northern Spys and McIntosh together – Mom says it should be good, so here’s hoping. I’ve got a bunch of apples left over so I guess I’ll make an apple crisp after the pie’s done.

Here’s some pictures of my holiday decorations. The other day I dug the rest of them out of their boxes, so now the only stuff that’s left to put up are the lights and stuff outside. That’ll get done after Thanksgiving. I’m not happy with how the picture of the tree turned out, but I don’t have the time to mess around with my camera to get the shot that I want – a “medium light” shot where you can see both the lights and the ornaments and the light isn’t so harsh. Bah.

My Santa nesting dolls from my dad.
Santa Nesting Dolls

Part of my little village from my sister.
Little Houses

Christmas tree.
Christmas Tree

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