Jan 16 2008

It’s a color splash!

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I got bored yesterday and decided to knock another item off of my “home improvement” list. It was a fun way to fill the afternoon/evening. This is the new improved bay window area in our living room.

When The Man came home, he said “Um. . . that wall wasn’t green this morning, was it?”

Chris would have been happier if I’d painted the whole room that shade of green (Dark Sage on the Olympia paint chips), but I prefer to keep my dark colors confined to their own individual spaces so that I don’t have to feel as though I’m living in a hunt club, or someone’s “study”. I don’t smoke pipes and I don’t have any animal heads to display, and I have little to no mahogany, so I think this works out better. I like my new green wall.

In semi-related news, after a couple of days of working at it, I realized my basement is far less creepy if you remove all the cobwebs and sweep up the 7.5 million dead bug carcasses. There’s still a cistern down there though, so the battle isn’t totally won yet.

By the way, this is our new soap dispenser. It’s a rhinovirus! Isn’t he cute?

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